5 Reasons To Create A Facebook Fan Page AND 5 Reasons Not To

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While I’ve been known to ramble on and on, I’m going to keep this one short and simple. Shocking, I know!

5 Reasons You Should Create A Facebook Fan Page:

  1. Fan Pages get indexed by the engines and we are seeing them pop up in the SERPs (search engine results pages) more often!  When done well, they can be a great source of traffic – from the search engines and from within Facebook itself (lots of people are starting to use Facebook to search when they are looking for a product or service, they are looking for pages that other people “like” – it feels like a more personal recommendation for them)
  2. Your competitors have one. I don’t normally advocate “keeping up with the Joneses” just for the sake of it but in this case if they have one and you don’t, they are tapping into traffic you aren’t. It’s that simple.
  3. Facebook and SEO are more connected than ever – Google and Bing told us in December that Twitter and Facebook impact rankings.  The number one question I get daily is “how do I get more traffic and rankings” – and my response is always, use all the tools and strategies available to you.  Don’t pick and choose and do things half way.  Go all in and you’ll get the return.
  4. Building trust and credibility is important and you need to engage people on a personal level. Fan Pages are perceived as more personal and inviting than web pages (that’s not to say you don’t need a site too – all these tools need to work together in tandem to improve your results and grow your business).  Use the Fan Page to engage the user and make them feel connected and then move them through your marketing funnel.
  5. Because I said so! Well it used to work when my Mom said it, so I figured it was worth a try. Not buying it? OK then the real 5th reason is because you need to stay current (if not ahead) of the trends if you want to survive in an online business and ignoring what has clearly become an important strategy is just like waving a white surrender flag for your site.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Create A Facebook Fan Page:

  1. Because you don’t like Facebook (it’s a waste of time, too many games and too much idle chit chat with people you don’t really care about.  (Yes, I am being sarcastic here.  What you like and don’t like should never be a factor in your marketing.  Successful marketers do what works, not what they like or what they *hope* will work.  Also rest assured, you don’t have to play a second of Farmville or Mafia Wars or waste any time on idle chit chat.)
  2. Facebook makes so many changes, you have to actually stay current and make changes and it could cost some money to keep it up.  (Yep, more sarcasm, keeping current is the cost of doing business online.  Someone, somewhere tried to spread the word that building a business online was supposed to be quick and easy.  I’d love to find the person that started that rumor! It’s simply not true.  Building a site is quick and easy.  Building a BUSINESS takes time, effort, money, and then more time, effort and money.  It doesn’t have the same challenges that traditional offline businesses have but that doesn’t mean you flip a switch and have instant success.  If you are ignoring a viable strategy because it means you may have to work to keep current and to make that strategy a success, then I am not holding out much hope for your success online.  I know people aren’t used to me being this blunt but what good is my advice if I don’t give you the cold hard truth that will really help you at the end of the day?  Sugar coated lies not sold here, sorry!)
  3. You have to post on the Page and respond to comments and it takes work and time.  (I truly understand time constraints and budget constraints, we live in the real world and it’s a reality.  BUT when something is proven to work, then you need to find the time to participate or you miss out.)
  4. You don’t know how to do it.  (Not a good reason, there are services that will build a Page for you and there are resources and tools to help you do it yourself)
  5. You are waiting to see if they really “catch on” and help people.  (OK, sounds good – when the results are in, let me know.  In the mean time, I’m building my mailing list and making great connections from my Fan Page)

I am a believer in the power of Facebook Fan Pages, not because it gives me something to write about but because I’ve seen them work.  All things considered, they are actually lower cost and easier to implement than many strategies online.

So the message here is that you have to stop standing in your own way and looking for reasons not to do something.

Comments are welcomed and appreciated!

Jennifer Horowitz

Jennifer Horowitz

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  • Ashley Ann Eubanks

    I created a fan page for my blog, a page for my freelance writing, and my husband has one for the anime shop he owns. His anime shop went from 0-60 fans within a couple of weeks. We live in a college town and many of the students are on facebook, so they’re using it to spread the word about his shop because his is only the second one in the state, but has the distinct advantage of being locally owned and having low prices.

  • Anonymous

    Great read! Now we just need more articles on “How” Business should be using Facebook.

    • Jennifer Horowitz

      I’m working on it!! Stay tuned!

  • @bernardtmartin

    Short to-the-point, well said, spot on, and perfect! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jennifer Horowitz

      Thanks for complimenting! 🙂

  • Betsy Pruitt

    If your target audience is non-technical, Facebook is absolutely where you need to be! It’s a fabulous place to build relationships and connect on a regular basis.

  • KJ

    If you make the time and use some creativity it can be a great tool.

  • Jeff

    I’ve been reading that the updates that you post to your page are only distributed to a small percentage of the ‘Fans’. Facebook uses an algorithm called edge rank to determine which people actually see your updates. Of course, if you really want to be heard by your fan base you can buy targeted Facebook advertising. It seems a bit as if Facebook is saying ‘Build your audience on Facebook, and when you want to communicate them pay us for ads’.

    • Jennifer Horowitz

      Good point and also worthy of an article. There are things you can do to get more exposure though and it’s not just buying ads.

    • Jula

      That is a very strong point, where did you read the updates, can you share? If there is such an algorithm that allows Facebook to control your interaction with fans, by blocking your posts/updates to some of your fans, maybe managing your fan facebook page might not be that effective and beneficial as we would expect. Does anyone know more about this subject? Or this is a Facebook Ads sales pitch;-)?

  • John P.

    What makes Facebook page so exciting is that visitors become “sticky.” If a person visits a traditional website, clicks around and bounces, the advertiser would have no way of getting back in front of that person/user again. (unless they use retargeting techinques/behaviorial display/remarketing) This can be a problem for SMBs and marketers considering the cost of quality seo and paid search.

    With a Facebook page, if a person visits and “likes” your page, you know have a connection that will last as long as they don’t “unlike” your page. For businesses who have a focus on branding or a long buying cycle, leveraging your Facebook page correctly can produce strong results.

  • Social Local Mobile vSEO

    Nice 5×5 post Jennifer. What would be also useful is which of the many FB Fan page building offers out there are the best or most stable and compliance systems to use.

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  • steven el

    I more of the social media type. so i totally agreed on creating a fan page.

    facebook is ever changing but it doesn’t mean that you should not be catching up. and definitely not because you “dislike” fb so you gonna give it a miss

  • iPhone Application

    Facebook Fan Page is very eye catching for users and other peoples

  • ugetme jeremy

    Really pretty blog.. I will create facebook fan page in my website.. Then only my website will become popular..

  • Libby

    Where could one find a reputable service to help get started?

    • John P.

      Correction: Jennifer Horowitz wrote the article Libby. Sincere apologies Jennifer. I followed this from Jason’s post on Linkedin.

    • Elixir Interactive

      There are a lot of great SEO and online reputation management companies out there that can help you develop and maintain your online presence–including social media.

  • Jenn Cloud

    I believe there are still a few legitimate reasons that businesses should hold off on undertaking a fan page. Do you have any thoughts on what scenarios may arise where a business should either 1) hold off on creating a page or 2) maybe sidestep it all together?

  • Jula

    I think you missed one of the most important reasons of creating FB fan page, which is to spread the world!. If a John ‘likes’ your page it will show up on Facebook news feed and all John’s firends can see that, and may like your page as well, hence you will gain more fans for free. Facebook fan pages are not only retention or SEO boost tools, they work great for acquisition as well.

  • Jula

    and I have to add that you presented really great reasons why every business should have a Fb page, especialy the fact that it is a massive advantage for your SEO results and not many people are aware of that. well done!

  • Bryan McHeyzer

    Hi Jennifer,
    That is a great post…
    I recently created a fan page which I thought looks good …
    however I need to learn to market it…any suggestions?

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  • Tom Elington

    Did an old person write this?

  • Alyasha

    I was actually curious what you’d have to say against fan pages 🙂 and I guess you can sum it up with: ” Don’t be lazy bum…And learn some ” . Good Read!

  • Brad Jobs

    Facebook fan pages are effective for some industry sector but definitely not for all business sectors. Small companies should really contemplate if their business needs a FB fan page before embarking on the campaign.

  • Search Monkey

    Great post Jennifer! I would expect to see a post about five reasons to create a facebook fan page, but I like the balance of five reasons not too. With that being said I think the pros out-weigh the cons, as your sarcasm and witty comments suggest 🙂

  • Randy Addison

    Seriously, I was giving in into making a Facebook fan page when I was reading the first part of the article. But When I read the five reasons not to make a fan page in facebook, it completely changed my mind. lol

  • Searcheccentric Webmaster1

    why should create Facebook fan page. i don’t think so that it is helpful for driving more traffic. The one good reason that you should have a Facebook fan page is that you can take the badge from your fan page and place it on your website. your blog is very knowledgeable for novice seo. thanks for sharing with us.

  • Robert Gilmour

    Interesting how the ‘why you should; is all about Facebook and ‘why you shouldn’t is all about you – there is a false logic in there somewhere!!

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    Hii Jenny…nice article dear….Just need to implement your tips.Thanks for sharing!!

  • Packers and Movers in Mumbai

    Hii Jenny..:-))…Nice post.Just need to implement your tips.Thanks for sharing with us!!!