5 New Year Resolutions for SEO Consultants

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5 New Year Resolutions for SEO Consultants

Workout Regularly

Taking care of your health by exercising regularly it great way to help yourself and your mind. Exercise helps improve your mood, boosts energy so you won’t need that coffee in the morning, helps you become more shapely boosting confidence which helps you negotiate and close sales. The last one may be a stretch but you always want to be the optimal person you can be and exercise is important especially when you sit for long periods daily. You also will help reduce your own health costs if you are self-employed.

Plan and Create an SEO Workshop

After you have established a few websites that rank well, create some in depth case studies to present at your own seo workshop. It’s a good idea to charge attendee’s to cover all your costs including time and to prevent no shows. Invest in a binding machine and make custom seo packets and/or audits for each attendee. You will also need a projector, and room space as well. Market this workshop to your lists and through social media and offline at networking events. For example my bank allows businesses with accounts to setup a display for one month I used that as an offline way to promote the workshop. Also offer your attendees and incentive to refer others they know to an upcoming workshop.

Contribute to the Community

Volunteer or serve on a charitable organization’s board. It’s a great way to meet other business owners and decision makers within your community. Offer to redesign the organizations website in-kind. It’s a great way to earn a long term reputable link back to your website with your own anchor text. Most non-profits have high authority domains.

Think Like an Agency or a Gym Sometimes

When I joined my gym they advertised 10 per month. When I signed up it cost me  over 60 dollars (setup-fee/first-month/last-month). I expected to pay 10 to start, but I was still happy with the 60 dollar purchase. Why? Well I went on a tour of the facility after walking in. It exceeded my expectations. Plenty of machines, clean, a variety of equipment, space.

Charge first month, last month, and a setup fee. Clearly explain the items you will be setting up. I don’t require a contract for SEO, but this upfront costs ensures that our clients are 100 percent committed to this investment. This also provides you with added cash flow and allows more flexibility if you want to negotiate your pricing. In order to expect this commitment up front be sure to wow your prospects and your seo workshop can be part of the wow process.

Every year review your existing clients and look for new services to offer them that will benefit their web presence. For your successful local SEO campaigns recommend paid search. This is a great time to review overall yearly traffic increases and recommend that they join respected paid directories or organizations related to their trade that have directories. NARI for contractors or the BBB are two examples that will help boost SEO efforts.

Learn to Code

Codeacademy is a great way to start learning and become familiar with the concepts of programming. Right now they are running a neat initiative called sign up with a mass of people who have decided to learn how to code in 2012 as a new years resolution. Once you sign up you get a new interactive programming lesson sent to your inbox each week. Learning how to build apps can become your greatest asset as they make excellent linkbait. Finally if intelligent apps like SIRI take over search in the future you will have a skill to another fall back on.

Alex Adekola

Alex Adekola

Alex Adekola is a search engineer at Incept Design located in Tampa, FL and Marketing Chair for Voice for Children ... [Read full bio]