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5 Important Internet Marketing Lessons from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs took a unique approach in everything he ever did. Use tips from his life to update your strategy with these internet marketing lessons.

Steve Jobs took a unique approach in everything he ever did. This uniqueness of his personality, his modus operandi, his products, and the entire Apple Inc. has a lot to teach us. In fact, it is not just the technology enthusiasts or Apple products fans who can learn from his life and strategies but the entire world can learn something by considering a few key tips from Steve Jobs himself.

Internet Marketing Lessons

Here are 5 important internet marketing lessons that any Internet marketer can learn from Steve Jobs. 

Stay Focused on 1 Thing at a Time

Way back in 1997, just a few months after he rejoined Apple, Jobs commented that the main reason behind Apple’s inability to reach real success was the company and its creative team was too busy focusing on hundreds of things at the same time, which not only drains energy but also reduces the overall productivity of the company.

What Internet marketers have to learn from this is the importance of focusing on the most important marketing tactics. So, simply speculate what will work best for your business niche and give your 100% focus to it and simply say “no” to all the other (deceptively) useful looking strategies. Every company is different and not every technique will work for you.

A Single Picture Works More than 100,000 Words

Steve knew this simple secret and thus Apple always used more pictures and less words in its ads. Whether it was the ad material in the print media way back in the late 80’s or the electronic media ad campaigns of today, Apple has always used less words and more pictures and videos. Why? Images have a more direct impact and require less effort from the viewer.

The key point to learn here is that your Internet marketing efforts work better when your strategies involve more Infographics, Video Marketing, and other strategies that are easier for viewers to ingest and are more viral in nature.

Create a Culture of Innovation

Jobs once said, “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.” He always believed in being innovative and encouraged innovation among his team members.

Develop an innovative approach in your SEO strategies and Internet marketing ideas. Try out new techniques, do a lot of research and bring out your own signature marketing style. Create better and unique content, don’t use hackneyed content and hackneyed ideas. Give up linking to spammy sites, search newer and better sites in your niche. Copying approaches may work for a while, but eventually they will fail. A new strategy can be your savior.

Never Forget Time is short

Jobs died young, he was merely 56. He always spoke to others about dying young and was in a real hurry to create new, innovative products. He was obsessed with doing things quickly and that’s what he did.  In quite a short time, he brought about a technological revolution far before other companies could even think of doing something similar. Focus on your marketing plans and work quickly to make lasting changes and become an industry leader, not a follower.

Learn from your Customers

Steve knew marketing experts don’t tend to work in accordance with the needs of their customers. This is why he appreciated customer surveys and always focused on knowing what exactly what type of product his customers wanted. This is why people love iPhones and iPads. Survey your customers and determine what your audience wants to see, then apply this knowledge to your marketing efforts.

Follow these internet marketing lessons in your real world interactions with clients across the globe to reach for real success!

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5 Important Internet Marketing Lessons from Steve Jobs

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