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5 Great Twitter Track Tools to Organize Followers

5 Great Twitter Track Tools to Organize Followers

When it comes to social networking sites, there’s really nothing quite like Twitter. The simplistic design and layout belies it as a basic program, when it’s really just the opposite. It’s actually extremely complex, using a number of incredible and unique coding designs, trackers and searches. Entering the world of Twitter is like entering an internet realm all its own.

Twitter gives you the ability to gain a pretty serious following through just the connections of mutual friends alone. It’s not like other sites, where a friend request allows a huge amount of access. It’s an open-format chat setting that invites communication and connections with anyone who happens by. This is why you might need a little extra something to help keep track of all of your followers.

These are five of the best trackers to help you organize the people who watch your Twitter, or conversely whom you watch in return.



A seemingly simple application, TwitterKarma allows you to view both everyone who follows you and whom you follow. You can distinguish who’s following whom by the green or red arrow indicators moving from one username to another. You can also be more selective on whom you want to view based on actions such as who’s recently updated or who’s new on your list. It is an easier way of looking at recent tweets without dealing with all the clutter.



A level of Twitter etiquette has developed which most people like to follow. One of these unwritten rules is that when someone follows you, it’s only polite for you to follow them in return. But what do you do when your list has become so large it makes it difficult to keep track of who among whom is a mutual tweeter? FriendOrFollow allows you to enter your Twitter username and see not only who’s following you, but also whom you’ve followed and vice versa.



ReFollow is probably one of the most extensive trackers I’ve come across. It not only shows you followers and those you follow, but also anyone who happens to be in the interconnection of them. Which means you can easily see friends of friends, and from there you can see friends of friends of friends, and…well, basically as far as you like.

You can also search people by things like their location, sex, age, specific keywords in their bio, or a number of other things. You can then sort them a dozen different ways, including whether or not they have ever @username’d you. For those of you who want full control over your account – ReFollow can be extremely helpful.

Tweepler (down)


While there is a certain Twitter etiquette, it’s definitely no requirement that everyone who follows you must be followed back. Sometimes we just don’t have the interest or time to invest watching what certain people are up to, and Tweepler makes this an easier matter. You have two ‘buckets’ to put users into. In one, you will be able to save those you want to follow, and it will do this en masse. In another, you will have the people you want to ignore, which it will also do all at once for you. Easy to use, and very handy.

Of course, these are only a few possible Twitter trackers that you can use. Do you have one you are especially fond of? Let us know in the comments!

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