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3 WordPress Plugins to Diversify Your Content

We all have a little trouble coming up with fresh ideas for blog posts from time to time. It would be wonderful if we were always on top form, but if you go through past published content you will probably start to see patterns. Periods of time where you have written about the same thing over and over again, staying within a specific niche or genre.

The best thing you can do for your blog is diversify your content. For your own work it can be as easy as picking a few fresh topics to write about. But there are other ways, such as changing the tone, providing a new set of links or connecting to new people you have never had a connection to before.

Here are three WordPress plugins that can help you to diversify your content and freshen up your blog.

1. Zemanta

*Diversify with images and related links*


Zemanta is one of the best tools for bloggers out there. There are hundreds of thousands of publishers already using it, as well as advertisers. While you are writing your blogs posts, it keep you even more inspired by showing you related images, blog posts and other types of content.

You have full editorial control of all related posts shown, and the layout is customizable. It is also mobile optimized, so you should be able to use it with other plugins that make it easily navigated by mobile device users. Just select whether you want it for publishers or advertisers, then put in your URL. It will lead you through the process from there.

2. My Blog Guest

*Diversify with different writing styles and voices*


Guest blogging is by far the most effective way to breathe a fresh air into your blog (when done right! Avoid people like this)

I try to offer one guest post per week on my main blogs, and up to three per week on my secondary blog. Not only does this give a new point of view and a tonal shift in my content, but it gives me a bit of a break. All while generating a new line of readers each time, and so bulking up my traffic and building quality connection!

MyBlogGuest guest blogging plugin aims at making the process easier: There’s no need to go out there searching for authors and contacting them. All you need is go to your blog dashboard and choose posts you are likely to write from there.

Important: There’s NO need to publish anything that comes your way though. Remember to keep your quality standards high and don’t forget to connect to and interact with the article authors after their articles go live.

Disclaimer: I am the owner of MyBlogGuest, so I am likely biased

3. Linkcious

*Diversify by linking out to (partner) content*


Instead of focusing on the primary content, try offering links on the rest of your site to new places. This is a simple plugin that creates links with full color pictures to other sites that have related content or products.

You have probably seen it in use many times on different sites around the web. It is very efficient and a great way of passively diversifying traffic in particular. So far it is in invite-only mode, which makes it an exclusive program. It is definitely worth requesting the invite.

Do you know of any good WordPress plugins for diversifying content? Let us know in the comments.

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3 WordPress Plugins to Diversify Your Content

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