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3 Facebook Limitations Marketers Should Be Aware of

Facebook is an awesome social media marketing tool and the brand Facebook presence is GOLD, but it has some bugs and limitations you should be aware of before trying to leverage the platform.

Apart from an infamous 5000 friend limit that restricts a personal profile from having more than 5K friends, there are a few other, less-known restrictions:

1. 5,000 “Liked” Page Limit

If you are one of those people who feels you should “like” each page you are being shared, you will be soon disappointed.

You can “like” no more than 5000 pages on Facebook – which means you should be really selective in your “liking” habits.


Now, this restriction seems really weird as Facebook claims they are using members’ liking stats as the way to analyze and categorize the members: so logically the more things they like, the better. I hope this restriction will be removed with time.

2. Group 250 Limit

The hugest advantage of a Facebook group over a Facebook page is that you can stay in touch with your followers more effectively:

  • You can message all members all at once and these messages will arrive in members’ Facebook inboxes (unlike Facebook “updates”) – which means much more visibility.
  • Besides, you are able to invite all members to an event in bulk.

However, this advantage is removed once your group gets popular enough: once your group has 250 members, you will NOT be able to invite the members of a host Group to an Event and you will NOT be able to message all of them in bulk.

3. Event Location Limits

If you create an event on Facebook, you can change the location and name as many times as you like – unless you invite over 2,500 people.

After reaching that threshold, you can only change the name or location of your event three times. After that, you will be stuck with your final choice – so choose your event name carefully!

Any other (somewhat weird) Facebook restrictions I have missed?


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3 Facebook Limitations Marketers Should Be Aware of

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