3 Facebook Limitations You as a Marketer Should Be Aware of

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Facebook is an awesome social media marketing tool and the brand Facebook presence is GOLD but it has some bugs and limitations you should be aware of before trying to leverage the platform.

Apart from an infamous 5000 friend limit that restricts a personal profile from having more than 5K friends, there are a few other, less-known restrictions:

1. 500 “Liked” Page Limit

If you are one of those people who feels you should “like” each page you are being shared, you will be soon disappointed.

You can “like” no more than 500 pages on Facebook – which means you should be really selective in your “liking” habits.

facebook page suggestions

Now, this restriction seems really weird as Facebook claim they are using members’ liking stats as the way to analyze and categorize the members: so logically the more things they like, the better. I hope this restriction will be removed with time.

2. Group 5000 Limit

The hugest advantage of a Facebook group over a Facebook page is that you can stay in touch with your followers more effectively:

  • You can message all members all at once and these messages will arrive in members’ Facebook inboxes (unlike Facebook “updates”) – which means much more visibility.
  • Besides, you are able to invite all members to an event in bulk.

However this advantage is removed once your group gets popular enough: once your group has 5000 members, you will NOT be able to invite the members of a host Group to an Event and you will NOT be able to message all of them in bulk.

3. Page/Event Creator’s Restrictions

As the page creator you should have the whole control over it, right? Wrong! Ironically, to access all the page or even managing options you have to assign someone to be an administrator (You as creator AND administrator can’t access those features)

These managing tasks include:

  1. Message all the page event visitors: as the Event creator and the Admin of a Fan Page, you cannot message your Event guests. Instead, you are obligated to appoint someone else to be the Admin of the event and have them message your guests-to-be.
  2. Adding “favorite pages” to this page: If you administer other pages (or have friends who administer Facebook pages), you can add (or ask your friends to add) your page to that other page “Favorites”. However if you administer the page you created, you won’t have that ability. So if you want to use the page you created, ask one of your page administrators to do that:

Add page to favorites

Any other (somewhat weird) Facebook restrictions I have missed?

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Brand amd Community Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing,... Read Full Bio
Ann Smarty
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  • Thanks for the share, not a surprise to Me though since this is part of the game out here.

    Norman Flecha

  • Vincent Lejeune

    It's not bad. It even means that Facebook can improve so much !!!
    Thanks for the tips though.

  • Hey Ann, really useful post thanks – a quick question regarding the '500 likes'. I'm assuming this applies to 'In-Facebook' pages rather than likes across the wider web? I regularly 'like' random articles and content on blogs etc – surely this doesn't count towards my limit does it? It would seem remarkably counter-productive if this is the case.



  • I have liked 615 pages. That's an old limit.

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  • There is also seems to be some limitations on the Facebook domain insights, only 1 account appears to be able to claim access to these stats. Setting a limit of 500 likes might not be an issue now but think about in a few years when people give into the privacy issues and start liking more brands/products.

    Look at Linkedin a few years a ago very few people had over 500 connections, now its fairly common, you can still have more than 500 connections it just doesn't show a number. Facebook might allow for a similar option later when u can Like more than 500 but it might not show on your profile that you like more than 500 places at a time? Really do you need to know all the pages/products that you like?

  • Jenn


    I have added many pages to my “Favorite Pages” as both the creator and administrator of the page!! Not sure if that's an anomaly??

    Just my two cents 🙂 Thanks for the great article!


  • Rafael Montilla SEO Latino

    4. They can close your account any time they want for no reason.

  • How about the fact that they keep changing the rules constantly? What held true 3-6 months ago is entirely different now. What used to be great was groups, then came pages, and then if popular or generic enough, were stolen into community pages – which truthfully don’t do anyone any good. Just recently we used FBML markup to create specialized landing pages & apps, and now they are moving to iframes & java – they changed the sizes of tab pages, removed boxes on the profile page… Every time we try to make something unique to our brands or fun or user friendly, they decide to “upgrade” it. Understandable, but definitely poses limitations.

  • 500 is a large number who is going waste all of his time liking the pages.

  • Rogier

    Another fundamental restriction would be that you can only assign administrator rights to collaborators on your page. Anyone with administrator rights can delete the page, which means that you must 100% trust someone before giving them the keys – which is so completely at odds with common sense that it boggles the mind Facebook has set it up like this.

  • Good post. We knew, but some didn't, so keep it up.

  • Marjory

    waaat? i have like 4842 likes 😛

  • Amit

    Wrong information. We can like up to 5000 Pages, not 500.