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  • Dr Halaas

    Instagram is a critical part of digital marketing and plays a role for visual consumers.

    • John Rampton

      and with how many people have a phototaker in their pocket… it’s growing a lot!

  • James Halloran

    Thanks for sharing this, John! Much like the future is mobile, the future is also visual. Learning from these brands is definitely a crucial study for anyone trying to mimic their success on Instagram.

    • John Rampton

      Glad you liked it. Mimicking will help people out a ton! Success is possible for any brand, just takes a bit of work!

  • Laura Phillips

    Great article John, thank you. I’ve been sucked in by Instagram a few times now and am looking forwrad to seeing how I can make it work for my clients.

    • John Rampton

      Time to put a little bit more effort into it!

  • Nameeta K

    Thank you for this article John. Yes visual media has more impact than any. Social media will grow but this has been dominating always and even online graphic media like instagram will grow more and play an important role.

    • John Rampton

      I especially love the different ways you can manipulate the photos! Helps a lot with interactions.