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20 Ways Google Glass Will Change Pro Sports Forever

20 Ways Google Glass Will Change Pro Sports Forever

Despite all the controversy, there a number of marketing analysts who believe that Google Glass, along with most wearable tech, is going to be a bust. While it’s way too early in the game to determine the success or failure of Google’s ambitious project, the world of professional sports is willing to take a gamble on Glass.

Over the last several months, we’ve noticed more and more athletes and teams experimenting with Glass. Glass appeared at last year’s Wimbledon. It was being tested by NFL punter Chris Kluwe. It will be worn be sports commentator John Kucko during CBS’ coverage of the Super Bowl. And, the Sacramento Kings will be wearing Glass during warmups when the team takes on the Indian Pacers in the Philippines on Friday, January 24.

Like it or not, the sports world is embracing Google’s highly buzzed product. If successful, Glass is going to change professional sports forever for fans, players, coaches and television broadcasts. And, here are our 20 reasons why:

1. Player Point of Views

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of a merger between Google Glass and sports would be giving fans a player’s point of view. This means allowing fans to see and experience what an athlete is doing throughout a game. Fans could see what Adrian Peterson is going through as he runs down the field for a touchdown. We could witness LeBron James’ point of view during a slam dunk. We could see how difficult it is as a batter to go against Clayton Kershaw. It would be the ultimate fan experience for sports fanatics.

2. More In-Depth Broadcasting

Because we could have access to the point of view from players on the field, court or rink, broadcasting will be forced to change as well. No longer will we be limited to the traditional broadcasts of only a handful of cameras and a couple of commentators. While watching a game, we could could get different angles of the action from people on the sidelines, as well as players and coaches. Maybe we could even have an easier time to hear their thoughts on the game as it’s happening, instead of waiting before or after a game.

3. Better Officiating

If there’s one serious gripe amongst sports fans it’s the awful officiating that can be the difference between a win or loss. With Google Glass, game officials could have access to an endless amount of footage to determine a score or penalty. Combine that with instant replay, and we could have better officiating in sports. It could also help speed the game along since refs, for example, don’t have to spend an eternity under the hood reviewing a play.

4. Performance Enhancement

Instead of taking PEDs, players could enhance their performance via Google Glass. A quarterback could see a flashing light over a receiver who is open. A downhill skier could view a map of the slopes to avoid running into any trouble areas. On top of that, this could also prevent serious injuries to athletes since they could simulate plays before it actually occurs.

5. More Efficient Training

Instead of running the same old drills and watching film, players and coaches could use Glass for training purposes. As previously mentioned, they could simulate plays against opposing teams or opponents during weekly practices. Furthermore, players could film themselves at practice or from a game and make adjustments as needed.

6. Updated Game Stats

Another great feature for fans would be the ability to receive updated player stats literally right in from of their eyes instead of looking at the big screen or pulling out their phones.

7. Televisions Could Become Obsolete

Instead of watching a sporting event on a television, fans could catch a game anywhere they wanted – as long as there is Wifi. For example, people stuck in an airport who are trying to catch their team’s game could just stream the game through Glass.

8. Fantasy Updates

Of course fantasy is a major part of sports today. Besides receiving stats, people could view and set their fantasy lineups directly in front of their faces.

9. Instant Replay

Not only could officials benefit from instant replay, but so could fans. No longer will spectators feel short-changed because someone blocked their view during a touchdown. If you had to walk the dog and missed a game-winning goal, you could instantly replay the exciting moment at will.

10. Better Game Calling

Coaches could make faster and more informed game-calls thanks to the instant information that Glass could provide. They could make adjustments throughout the game or call an audible if they don’t like what they see from their players perspective.

11. Communication Between Coaches/Teammates

Players and coaches could have better communication with each other thanks to Glass. This would be great if you’re playing against the Seahawks in Seattle since you wouldn’t have to mainly rely on calling plays audibly. A coach could send in a play visually to players, which would essentially remove the 12th Man.

13. Diagram of Plays

Fans, players and coaches could receive graphics that would provide vital information, such as how many yards until a first down, but Glass could also track the action and diagram the play, which could be used for play calling or training purposes.

14. Chart Player Tendencies

If you ever wanted to know the tendencies of a player, Glass could do that as well. For example, an opposing coach or curious fan could view the shot chart for LeBron James at AmericanAirlines Arena right before their eyes.

15. Sync With Weather Reports

Weather can be extremely fickle, which can lead to devastating results. A kicker can sync with a local weather report so that he’ll know which direction the wind is blowing. A skier could sync with a mountain’s ski report so that she’ll be properly prepared for the current ski conditions.

16. Raise Athlete’s Awareness

How many times have you screamed at the TV when your favorite team receives a delay of game penalty? If a QB was wearing Glass, he could have a game clock laid out before him so that he want make that costly mistake.

17. Communication Between Players and Fans

This might get tricky, but how incredible would it be to interact with your favorite athlete throughout a sporting event? While Roger Goodell would most-likely never allow this, it would be great to have something like a Twitter exchange between a fan and their favorite athlete without the use of a phone.

18. Finding Seats and Exploring the Venue

Have you ever missed the first couple of innings of a baseball game because you couldn’t find your seats? That would no longer be a problem because Glass could provide you with directions to your seats.

Speaking of locating something in a venue, how awesome would it be to find your favorite food, beverage or restroom at a stadium with ease thanks to directions from Glass? Better yet, what if you could place an order so that you don’t have to wait in excessive lines?

19. Track Player’s Health

Glass could have the capability to monitor the condition of player’s health, which isn’t far-fetched since Philips and Glass are working together to change healthcare. In theory, Glass could do anything from monitoring the vital signs of players to sending information to specialists if a player gets injured during a game. This could be revolutionary in saving the career, or even life, of athletes.

20. Meeting Up With Friends

Going to sporting events isn’t the same without a group of friends. Instead of texting back and forth, you could once again use Glass to pinpoint your friends location so that you can all enjoy the game together.

In what ways do you think that Google Glass will change professional sports forever?


Featured Image Credit: Mapbox/Flickr

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20 Ways Google Glass Will Change Pro Sports Forever

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