2 Ways to DISlike Things on Facebook (FireFox and Google Chrome)

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Ever since Facebook has introduced its “Like” functionality, many people have been wondering why there is no way to “DISlike” things there.

I am not that kind of a person that likes to “thumb-down” stuff when sharing at social media sites. When I don’t like things, I just ignore them. But still I was curious to see how the community powers social media networking: despite the fact that Facebook hasn’t introduced the “dislike” feature as if today, there are still browser-based ways to vote negatively while sharing.

Note: Using any of those addons you can downvote updates on Facebook. BUT your opinion will only be visible to yourself and those who also use those addons (unless you also comment).

1. Dislike Buttons

FaceMod is one option to dislike things on Facebook using FireFox.

The syntax: Dislike / Undislike

Once you dislike something, a comment box will appear with the option to post the status: “I clicked ‘dislike’ http://www.dis.lk/”

Facebook Dislike FaceMod

The philosophy:

“The Dislike Button is not for the haters! It was made to be the “yang” to facebook’s “yin”. We made this for the millions of folks who use Facebook and who, like ourselves, wanted the ability to “Dislike” things to express our sympathy or shared resentment for the distasteful, the disgraceful, and the downright rotten! “

Features include:

  • Very fast;
  • Language automatically switches based on your Facebook language settings
  • Short URL: http://dis.lk/

Facebook Dislike is another option for FireFoxers.

The syntax: Dislike / Undislike

Once you dislike something, a comment box will appear with the option to post the status: “Dislike ( link to Facebook Dislike Fan page ) “

Facebook Dislike

Features include:

  • To select language : Tools > Add-ons > Facebook Dislike 1.1 > Preferences
  • For Google Chrome find it here.

2. I Don’t Care Button:

Fbosf is a Chrome Extension as well as the FireFox addon (find it at the plugin developer’s site – it seems to be nowhere found in FireFox official directory) that adds a link “I don’t care” next to the link “I like” on Facebook.

The syntax: I don’t care / I care

Clicking the link updates the thread with your vote on a red background:

I don't care on Facebook

The philosophy:

“You too are fed up with all these useless posts on your Facebook (r) homepage ? You don’t care about most of them ? Express yourself thanks to this addon and share it with your friends. By the same way that you express your interest by clicking on I like, show your disinterest by adding the addon to Firefox and clicking on I don’t care. ”

Features include:

  • Available languages: en, fr, ar, bg, ca, de, he, it, pt, sv, tr

Do you feel like using any of those?

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing,... Read Full Bio
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  • Sterling Mckinley

    Heyyy this is really cool…thanx

  • Tedb

    Absolutely LOVE an ” I don't care button.” A dream come true 🙂

  • Joanna Batten

    This is really funny.

  • Daniel Morrison

    hahaha, awesome! thanks!

  • Kristaarm

    Definitely ''Like” the idea of “I don’t care”

    I'm trying to avoid negative activities in Social Media but this “I don’t care” looks really fun for me, maybe I will try …

  • Internet Marketing Service

    “I don't care” for any of these buttons. 😉

  • Tia Peterson, BizChickBlogs

    Interesting! I would never choose the I Don't Care option. If you don't care about someone's statuses, you should turn them off. It's very easy to do. It seems incredibly confrontational, and it's like, who cares that you don't care!? Where does it end…?

    I would use the I Dislike – there's a difference, though, between expressing sympathy for something and flat out giving it a thumbs down. A sad face would do in the first case.

  • personalized mugs

    Can this actions be seen by my networks or friends? It's certainly awesome if they can see it too, but if it's just for Firefox and Chrome then I guess it's only an application or add-on for the browser. Thanks for sharing!


  • stag nights

    Thing about the anus is actually true. Lots of pleasure nerves down there! Guys have G-Spots too.

  • Mcarter

    I can't understand why people want these buttons. My thoughts are that most people are self-important tossers who think their opinion on everything is important.

    Buttons like these just say you're too retarded to think of anything worth saying either.

  • private boat

    Wow very coll post also very important looking also very impressive thanks for great collection.

  • Piggy

    Well I always thought I'd like a dislike button but in fact I suspect I'd just get bored and dislike everything I dont 'like'. Now I could just 'I don't care' everything instead… Don't let me have these buttons.

  • tallinn stag

    They are using the action of becoming a fan more like a “bookmark” for possible future reference.