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16 Announcements From Google Marketing Live 2022

Here's everything you need to know about the major announcements made at this year's Google Marketing live conference.

Google Marketing Live kicked off today with a keynote address, which included the announcement of 16 changes and additions to Google Ads.

The keynote primarily focused on improvements to video ads, advancements in automation, and a preview of forward-looking technologies.

Here’s everything you need to know to get caught up with today’s announcements.

Video Ads Updates

More Ads In YouTube Shorts

Video action campaigns and App campaigns are now rolling out on YouTube Shorts worldwide.

Later this year, product feeds will start showing up on YouTube Shorts, making video ads more shoppable.

Video Ads In Google Discover

Google is exploring ways to bring short video ads to Discover, which would fit in seamlessly with organic content.

Display & Video 360 Connected TV Campaigns

Soon you’ll be able to utilize Display & Video 360 to create connected TV campaigns to reach affinity, in-market, and demographic audiences across YouTube and other ad-supported connected TV apps.

Advancements In Automation

Performance Max Campaigns

A series of updates to Performance Max campaigns are rolling out throughout the remainder of the year. They include:

  • A/B testing
  • Expanded campaign management support in Search Ads 360 and the Google Ads mobile app
  • Ability to optimize for in-store sales
  • New performance data such as attribution, audience and auction insights
  • Optimization score and recommendations

Updates To Insights Page

Google is rolling out three new reports to the Insights Page over the coming months. They include:

  • Attribution Insights: See how your ads work together across Google surfaces.
  • Budget Insights: Find new opportunities for budget optimization.
  • Audience Insights: See show how your customer segments are driving campaign performance.

Improvements To Responsive Search Ads

Google is rolling out automatically created assets to responsive search ads later this year, which is designed to improve ad relevance.

This feature generates assets automatically based on content from landing pages and existing ad units.

Should you choose to opt-in, Google Ads will display the best performing combination of provided assets and automatically created assets.

Mobile-First Layouts For Responsive Display Ads

All-new, mobile-first layouts will allow you to showcase your brand on full-screen vertical ad inventory.

In addition, Google is introducing scrollable ads and videos based on your product feed.

All New Asset Library

A new account-level Asset Library can be used to store all your digital creative assets. Soon you’ll have the option to create video ads using YouTube-optimized templates.

Expansion Of Optimization Score

Google Ads’ Optimization Score is expanding to cover every campaign type within for advertisers around the world.

Forward-Looking Features

Google announced a series of advertising features that it says are designed to build “resilience for the future of marketing.”

Those features include:

  • Conversion Lift Tests: Measure incremental conversions based on users and geography.
  • Search Lift Tests: Measure the impact of your YouTube campaigns on driving organic searches on Google and YouTube.
  • Google Tag: The global site tag will become the Google tag and get updated with new capabilities.
  • My Ad Center: Google will allow users to select the types of ads they want to see more or less of.

In Summary

Wrapping everything up, these were the major announcements from Google Marketing Live:

  1. Video action & App campaigns coming to YouTube Shorts
  2. Product feeds coming to YouTube Shorts
  3. Video ads coming to Discover
  4. Connected TV campaigns coming to Display & Video 360
  5. A/B testing coming Performance Max
  6. Expanded campaign management support in Search Ads 360 and the Google Ads mobile app
  7. Ability to optimize campaigns for in-store sales
  8. New performance data such as attribution, audience and auction insights
  9. Optimization score coming to all campaign types
  10. New Insights reports
  11. Automatically created assets coming to responsive search ads
  12. Mobile-first layouts coming to responsive display ads
  13. New account-level asset library
  14. Search and Conversion Lift tests
  15. Global site tag will become the Google tag
  16. My Ad Center will allow users to control the ads they see

Source: Google Ads Help
Featured Image: Tada Images/Shutterstock

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16 Announcements From Google Marketing Live 2022

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