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Keep Up With SEO With These 15 Search Podcasts

Keeping up with SEO can be a struggle. Good thing there are some great podcasts available to keep you up to date. Here are 15 awesome search podcasts you should check out!

Keep Up With SEO With These 15 Search Podcasts

Keeping up with SEO can be a struggle.

There are always updates to Google search, including significant algorithm changes.

Plus new technologies, tools, and trends offer us new SEO opportunities – but also challenges.

Listening to podcasts is one of my favorite ways to keep up to date with SEO.

Podcasts allow you to listen to varied insights and opinions while you’re commuting, at work, doing some cardio at the gym (my personal favorite), or relaxing on the weekend.

You get the information you need without having to take time out of your already packed schedule.

In an industry where so many of us are self-taught, podcasts are a great way to keep up with what’s happening in the SEO community.

Luckily for us, we have some great podcasts to choose from!

Below is a list of 15 SEO podcasts that are helping to keep the SEO community up to date and on our toes.

1. The Search Engine Journal Show (Search Engine Journal)

Hosts: Brent Csutoras, Danny Goodwin

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Every week one of the hosts interviews an industry expert in the areas of SEO and digital marketing. The journalistic interview format takes an in-depth focus on one subject every week.

While the spotlight is on the guest, interviewers weigh in with their experiences and opinions and keep the conversation lively.

Formerly known as Marketing Nerds and Search Engine Nerds, the Search Engine Journal has more than 150 podcasts which can be accessed either on iTunes, Android, or on the SEJ website. The topics and flavor of the news-style podcasts mirror that of the Search Engine Journal written content.

2. Edge of the Web Radio: SEO Podcast

Host: Erin Sparks

The Edge is a one-hour podcast hosted by Erin Sparks discussing digital marketing tactics, concepts, and industry trends.

Sparks infuses humor into his interview format show to educate audiences and to stay on top of trends in online strategy with leaders in internet marketing and SEO.

Over the last few years, Sparks has recorded more than 170 shows, featuring a great roster of guests.

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3. The Digital Analytics Power Hour

Hosts: Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson, and Moe Kiss

This show airs every other week and tackles the questions, challenges, and current trends in the analytics community. The three hosts (and an occasional guest) keep the conversation lively while addressing important issues and disseminating interesting information.

The Digital Analytics Power Hour has received several 5-star reviews and lasts less than an hour.

According to the hosts, “due to the Canadian Exchange Rate, the Digital Analytics Power hour is only 40 minutes.” Never fear, those 40 minutes are packed with content.

4. SEO 101 on

Hosts: Ross Dunn and John Carcutt

Dunn and Carcutt run a “back to basics” program to help listeners improve SEO.

They discuss search trends and algorithm changes and provide practical advice to help listeners understand how to handle changes and leverage SEO best practices.

They’ve already recorded more than 200 shows, so if you’re looking for search advice, the class is in session.

5. SEO Podcast: The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Hosts: Matt Bertram and Chris Burres

Bertram and Burres share their thoughts throughout their fast-paced podcast that includes a daily tip, trending news, and call-outs to questions from their Twitter stream #SEOPodcast.

The core of the podcast consists of a review of a recently published article that addresses topics of interest for digital marketers and SEO pros of all levels.

“Top position snatchers” Burres and Lewis have recorded more than 300 shows and up the ante in their quick-moving episodes.

agents of change seo podcasts6. The Agents of Change

Host: Rich Brooks

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The Agents of Change are defined by Brooks as search, social, and mobile. Through interviews with industry influencers in digital marketing, social media, and SEO, Brooks offers opinions on trends and a deeper dive into industry best practices to increase online visibility.

This podcast has earned a five-star rating on iTunes and every week Brooks welcomes the “true believers” into his podcast filled with tricks and tips.

7. Search Talk Live Search Engine Marketing & SEO Podcast

Hosts: Robert O’Haver, Caleb McElveen

Search Talk Live is an interview format podcast with guests from the SEO and digital marketing industries. Topics range from how-to episodes to discussions about trends and opinions in SEM, SEO, social media, and content marketing.

If you’re interested in hearing what industry influencers have to say, you can get caught up with Search Talk Live’s just over 40 episodes to date, with new shows airing every Tuesday.

8. Internet Marketing: Insider Tips and Advice for Online Marketing

Host: Andy White

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Andy White hosts this podcast from the UK that focuses on the tools, techniques, and strategies for internet marketing. His guests are digital marketers and authors from around the globe who are solving digital and search engine marketing problems.

The 15-30 minute podcast has been airing since 2008 and professes to be, “UK’s most popular internet marketing podcast downloaded by over half a million people.” With more than 300 episodes to date, you’ve got plenty to get through in this short but lively show.

9. The Digital Marketing Podcast

Hosts: Daniel Rowles & Ciaran Rogers

Another nod to our friends and peers over the pond, Rowles and Rogers take on all things digital marketing including SEO, search, social, content and other marketing concerns. Their episodes are single-topic shows that highlight and discuss a trend or best practice in the industry either with or without a guest.

The Digital Marketing Podcast boasts an international audience of over 120 countries worldwide. Each show is about 20 minutes, give or take, and they’ve recorded over 100 episodes to date.

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10. Webcology on

Hosts: Jim Hedger and Dave Davies

Each Webcology podcast explores topics, trends, and issues around web marketing. The show generally begins with a news round-up of current events and issues for marketing and SEO. Then, expert guests are interviewed to give their perspective on the daily topic.

Webcology has been on the air since 2009, has over 300 episodes, and airs weekly to bring news and information to webmasters and internet marketers. Topics include SEO and search, Google algorithm changes, Yahoo news, social media marketing, and other marketing subjects.

authority hacker podcast11. Authority Hacker

Host: Gael Breton

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The Authority Hacker podcast aims to create a casual atmosphere for the listener. Gael Breton and Mark Webster cover material that doesn’t fit well into a blog format.

They avoid doing promo interviews with guests who are trying to sell the listener something. They take feedback from the listener community and cover topics listeners are interested in.

They use their personal experience running online businesses and provide their personal points of view on a variety of SEO questions. They regularly solicit questions from listeners and listen to them. This podcast publishes weekly episodes and has been producing content since early 2016.

12. Experts on the Wire

Host: Dan Shure

Dan Shure and his co-host Anthony Pensabene produce this podcast which covers a wide variety of SEO topics. They focus on industry trends, tactics, tools, people, and businesses in the world of SEO.

Shure has worked in SEO for more than 10 years, so he brings a lot of experience to the table. Many of the topics they cover originate as questions solicited through Twitter.

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Shure does all the production work for this podcast and relies heavily on his audience for questions and comments. This weekly podcast has been live since early 2017 and has nearly 100 episodes to its credit.

13. The Recipe for SEO Success

Host: Kate Toon

Kate Toon hosts The Recipe for SEO Success. She started the podcast to complement her online courses.

Her target audience is small businesses, e-commerce stores, bloggers, and marketing managers that do not necessarily have SEO expertise. She aims to present SEO content in an accessible way, free of industry jargon. Her goal is to enable non-experts to understand and implement her tips and advice.

Toon’s podcast is a shorter podcast and regularly includes SEO experts as guests. She labels all her podcasts to signify the level of understanding of SEO the content presented requires. She has been producing this podcast since late 2016 and usually releases 1-2 episodes per month.

14. SEOBits Podcast

Host: Rebecca Gill

The SEOBits Podcast is produced by Rebecca Gill, who is a 15-year SEO industry veteran. Her podcast is a relative newcomer to the scene and has been live since mid-2016.

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This podcast targets business owners, freelancers, and others who do not have SEO expertise. She tries to present SEO basics in an easily digestible format.

This podcast is a quick listen with each episode usually coming in around 15 minutes. Each episode is around 15 minutes long and covers one topic from the SEO field.

Gill rarely has guests on her podcast and covers material in a way that doesn’t require technical expertise or a deep understanding of SEO. This podcast is usually has a new episode every week.

15. Marketing Speak: Take Your Marketing To The Next Level

Host: Stephan Spencer

Stephan Spencer is a well-known SEO and internet marketing expert, author, and speaker. In his Marketing Speak podcast, he shares SEO advice in a convenient format. He picks all the guests on his show that are relevant to the material being covered.

Spencer solicits questions and problems from his audience for material to cover on his podcast. He provides a full transcript and notes with timestamps.

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He also provides a checklist for the material covered on each episode. Episodes are released weekly and are usually about an hour long.


Much of the search community learn their trade by reading blogs, attending conferences, and talking with others in the community. But don’t forget about podcasts! Having access to so many great mentors and new ideas through podcasts is a resource you should take advantage of regularly.

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