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14 Charity Search Engines : Searching for Good

14 Charity Search Engines : Searching for Good

If you use the Internet, you use search engines. And if you use search engines, chances are that one time or another you’ve clicked on a paid search advertisement.

Sure, helping the search engine monetize itself and perhaps purchasing from an advertiser helps all parties involved, but wouldn’t it feel better to help a little more?

Maki at (one of my favorite new media and monetization blogs) has put together a list of 14 search engines which donate a portion of their revenue to specific charities.

From 14 Charity Search Engines that help you give money to charity for free :

You should use a charity search engine as you would normally use other search engines like Google or Yahoo. These search engines make money by displaying advertisements alongside your search results.

The more you search, the more the search engines earn and the end result is that more money goes to a designated charity. All of the charity search engines listed here offer a minimum of 30% of their ad revenues with some of them offering 70 to 100% of whatever they earn from advertising.

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14 Charity Search Engines : Searching for Good

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