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10 Ways to Integrate Vine into your Social Media Marketing Strategy


There are some really great reasons why you should think about using Twitter’s new video sharing app to promote your business or brand. Vine is already extremely popular, which means it should become a part of your social media plan. Using Vine is also incredibly easy. Create a quick 6 second video, integrate it into your Twitter feed and make your tweets even more interesting. With a few creative yet simple ideas, you can make Vine an effective tool in your social media strategy.

1. Hire A Magician

Really. Popular Vegas showmen are big hits on TV, and Vine can be an ideal platform to make a stunning impression. Do a local Google search and find a magician that you can hire to shoot Vine videos with.

Why magic? Users will expect nothing less when it comes to this Video-sharing platform. The app uses quick cuts and looping that can work well with magicians and illusions. Wow users in a way they wouldn’t expect by incorporating your brand into something truly magnificent. Here is a chance to kick up your marketing just a notch.

2. Controversy Sells

Controversy certainly sells as Vine was quickly inundated with pornography after its immediate release. It became the talk of Twitter and was instantly trending. We aren’t telling you to shoot a porno but this idea can be used to your advantage. Find a way to make fun of controversial Vine videos and add fun and cheekiness to your plain old marketing plan.

Get users enticed by shooting a racy video parody, with appropriate caution of course. Post something that will really get your audience talking. The point is to get through the clutter and and turn your Vine video into a trending topic.

3. Animation

Use stop motion and create animation on Vine. Most smartphone cameras allow 30 frames per second, which can allow you to create something pretty special. Vine is the ideal place to take advantage of stop-motion animation. This can be a creative and unique way to build awareness about your brand that is both fun and young.

If animation really isn’t your thing, you should also consider making mini-movies. Use the same stop-motion idea and shoot an old silent movie. Use your imagination and shoot a short film in a totally affordable way.

4. Infinite Looping

In a recent post, they make point in noting that Vine is intended to create short videos that repeat themselves. By default, Vine videos continuously loop and this is something that you should definitely take advantage of.

Get creative and find a way to shoot something that doesn’t come to an abrupt end but transitions in looping. Do something with your logo or business name so that it plays for users over and over again. What a great way to really get your brand in their brain.

5. Sound Only

This could be a very effective and interesting tactic for Vine users. As followers expect to see something visual, you can surprise them and show nothing at all. Use a solid color background or place your logo somewhere unique. Then, use audio that builds suspense for your viewers. Make them use their imagination with some outlandish sounds, screams, or laughter. Create a series of sound only videos that culminate into a great visual later.

6. Hire a Director

Do these all sound like great ideas but you feel unsure where to begin, or how to execute them? Not everyone is a marketer or technical professional. Fortunately, creative professionals are everywhere  and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to hire one.

Visit a local art school and pull from the ranks of creative-minded students. Have them help you with photography, design, artwork, or sound. Go to a film school. There are probably plenty of students who would be eager to work on a professional project for nearly nothing at all.

Who knows, you might just be starting the career of a future Hollywood director! Everyone has to start somewhere, after all.

7. Use Your Logo

This idea seems simple enough. Your logo can create the best brand awareness possible if you utilize it in a clever, creative way.

Start a story with your logo in a strange or unique place. Follow it through with a series of videos until your logo ends up somewhere special. You can use the same idea by having people wear your logo on a shirt in various places.

Even if the focus of the short video isn’t the logo itself, having the logo as a prominent image throughout your Vine video will leave a lasting impression.

8. Candid Camera

People love nothing more than catching someone in the act. How long have these types of shows been on television? Turn your smartphone into a candid camera situation. Surprise people in your business, ask them questions about your brand out in the street. Create odd situations that incorporate your brand for people to walk into.

The more surprised someone might be, the more your followers will enjoy it. Make humorous videos that will have your audience laughing.

9. Let Them Do The Work

The best way to really get people talking is to hold contests with followers creating videos with their Vine app. Having your consumers create videos will help with brand awareness and visibility with total community engagement. Make them an equal part of the process and they will stay interested.

Set down guidelines for what each Vine video must incorporate and then have contestants use brand-relevant hashtags and links to “submit” their entries on Twitter. You can retweet your favorite videos, offer a prize reward, and communicate with your followers in ways you never dreamed of before.

10. Celebrities

This one might cost you, but how much would an actor charge for a 6 second gig? Twitter is one of the few places where everyday Joe’s can interact with their favorite singer, actor, or reality celebrity. If you are already using celebrities to promote your brand or business, why not take it one step further?

Take advantage of Vine with a quick video of a celebrity spokesperson and see just how quickly you get thousands if not millions of viewers watching your clip. If you’ve got the budget, you should really consider it.

If you are a brand or business and you are not in the Vine game, wake up! Get in on the popularity of this video-app and beat your competitors to it.

Need Inspiration? Here are some cool Vine Videos to give you some of your own ideas:

Just dive in! Start playing around with Vine, and the more you use it, the more ideas you will have.

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10 Ways to Integrate Vine into your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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