10 Tips to Supercharge Your Blog’s Content

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10 Tips to Supercharge Your Blog’s Content

Recently I have really been trying to beef up the content produced over at my blog, StayOnSearch. One of the hardest things I have noticed for me is trying to consistently keep the content of the highest quality, while increasing the frequency of posts.

A few things to keep in mind before I mention some ways you can supercharging your blog’s content.

  • You are always going to be just one person, so at some point you will reach the maximize number of posts you can write in a day/week/month.
  • Just because you are offering more content, doesn’t always mean its high-quality content.
  • Being smart with how you promote your content is half the battle.
  • Spend a great deal of time on content strategy, rather than content writing.
  • Ask kindly and you shall receive!

Blogging Schedule

You have probably heard this a thousand times, but keeping a detailed blogging schedule will help you tremendous in growing your blog and creating high-quality content. Many bloggers struggle with what they should write about, because they don’t think to jot down a good topic as it comes to them. Furthermore, many bloggers have other jobs and responsibilities so your blog can be put on the back burner many times.

However if you keep a calendar with which days are “blogging days”, along with post topics/headlines for each day, it will help you to not only plan your day accordingly, but streamline the blogging process.

Weekly/Monthly Columns

Search Engine Land is a very good example of using regular columns to help create consistent content for their blog. David Harry from Huomah, writes a regular column called “Weekly Search & Social News” for Search Engine Journal that gathers all of the latest industry news for that week. Rand from SEOmoz does a regular video column called Whiteboard Friday, where he visually explains SEO tactics using a whiteboard.

These are just a few examples of how blogs are using regular columns to fill their blog with useful content. Of course there are thousands of different ways you can create content like this. The idea is to not only come up with unique ideas for regular content, but to make sure the quality doesn’t suffer.

Multi-Part Posts

One way of turning a single post into numerous posts is to create a multi-part post. One of the best examples I have seen of doing this is Stoney deGeyter from Search Engine Guide. On many occasions his posts will have multiple parts to them, like these examples…

This is a great idea for not only turning what could have been an in-depth single post into multiple posts, but a way to keep users coming back to your blog to read the rest.

Various Content Types

Many people automatically think content is only text…it’s not. You may want to think about changing it up and adding a video, podcasts, infographic, or e-book to your site. This can help break up the monotony for you and your readers of the same type of content being published every day.

One thing I will say is that if you are going to publish different forms of content, make sure you adhere to the same quality standards as your typically content.

Re-purpose Old Content

There of probably dozens of ways that you can reuse your older content to make it new and fresh. This can be one of the easiest ways to take existing content on your blog and to shine a new light on it for your readers. Try some of these tactics…

  • Write an update to an old post
  • Write a post as to why the old post does not apply anymore
  • Write a post that adds additional value to your old post
  • Create a page on your blog that gathers similar posts from your blog (a.k.a Sneeze Page)
  • Poll your readers to something you mentioned on your blog
  • Write a post that takes the opposite point of view of your original post

Guest Bloggers

Allowing guest bloggers to your blog can be extremely beneficial and extremely detrimental to your blogs success. From the one side, having bloggers write content for your blog is great…its free content. On the other hand, many of the guest bloggers are in it for the link, so the content they create is sub-par.

If you are going to allow guest blogging on your site, make a list of rules and guidelines for the guest bloggers to follow. Make sure they understand your readership and the type of content they enjoy. Make sure they write quality content that is detailed and comprehensive. Having an editor or someone that can review the quality of the posts will help keep the blogs high quality standards.

Nevertheless, guest bloggers can be very helpful in growing your blog. Visit sites like MyBlogGuest and other industry blogs to see who has written guest posts before. Get a sense for the type of writers they are before just contacting anyone and everyone. Make sure you keep track of people you have contacted and your correspondence.

Bloggers for Hire

For some blogs this may be out of the question. If you simply do not have the funds to pay for professional bloggers, you can probably skip this section. Many of the best bloggers out there are the best for a reason and in return, require you to pay them for their services. However professional bloggers typically have a lot of experience in the industry, so they can add valuable content to your blog that will many times gain a lot of industry recognition.

My advice would be to maybe not find the most influential blogger in the industry, but to find someone with a few years experience that has written for a number of other blogs. You can probably hire these bloggers for $25-$50/post and it can be of very good quality. Also keep in mind the reach they may have socially. Usually these bloggers will promote their content on other sites as well, in turn getting you lots of additional traffic.

Interlinking Your Posts

This is probably the simplest tactic, but making sure you have a great internal linking structure. One of the reasons why Mashable is the most popular social media blogs on the web (obviously killer content) is because they are constantly linking to other related content throughout their blog posts. This is keeping readers engulfed in their content.

Tell the World

Get Social! Start spreading your blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Industry-related social bookmarking sites, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious… Of course for each of these sites there are going to be different tactics you should use to gain maximum exposure, so learn about each of them and see how you can utilize each of them to help drive traffic back to your site.

Blog Authority

Probably the tactic that takes the longest to achieve, is having blog credibility. Once you have the domain authority, it is going to be much easier to get people to contribute to your blog. Many people love writing for SEJ, YOUmoz, and SEL is because of the amount of traffic and industry exposure it gives each blogger. Once you have that established credibility in the industry, it is time to leverage it!

  • Take advantage of the elite bloggers wanting to write for you
  • Show off your traffic and RSS numbers to entice people to want to contribute
  • Create contests, take polls, perform interviews, etc…because its easier to

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