10 Reasons why you should go to Affiliate Summit West 2012

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10 Reasons why you should go to Affiliate Summit West 2012

Register Today for ASW12 I’m writing this to those of you who have never went or have never heard of the Affiliate Summit conferences. The conference name does imply this is heavily targeted to affiliates, but the online marketing material it covers pertains to anybody.

I’ve gone to quite a few over the years and have always gained something positive from each one. Whether it’s learning something from the speakers, a new business connection or just a chance to network in general it has always been worth going to.

If you are still on the fence about attending, I’d like to push you on the side of going. Below are 10 reasons you should consider to register for the next Affiliate Summit West, Las Vegas, Caesars Palace January 8-10, 2012.

Here are 10 reasons I feel you should attend, these are in no particular order – just as they came to me.

1.) Many SEO Classes Offered. Presentations such as SEO – Ask the Pros, Link Building – The Reality in Practice, SEO Clinic You can see the entire agenda here.

2.) Jeremy Schoemaker is the Keynote speaker. I don’t want to put any expectations on Jeremy here, but every time I’ve seen him speak, I’ve always been impressed. His knowledge of the industry and ease on stage brings the whole experience to a new level.
Jeremy does a Platinum Giveaway each year which includes $2,000 for a single hand of Black Jack. The last two winners got Black Jack each time! Could you be next? Enter his giveaway on

3.) Meet Market. The first meet market years ago, I sat in an almost empty room at a plain folding table with a coworker. A few people trickled in to walk around the 50 or so similar plain folding tables to talk to the companies that showed up. Today, the meet market has proven to be one of the most popular events at the show. Often the floor is so packed it is hard to walk through.

This happens Sunday afternoon and it’s an intro to the actual show floor. You can get a ton of business done in just this afternoon. Some companies only display at the meet market. Go once and you’ll see just how much energy the Affiliate Summit has.

4.) Tim Ash from SiteTuners is part of a panel for a presentation called “How to Quadruple Revenue Using Existing Traffic”. I think this would be a great class since getting Google rankings is one thing and actually having a page convert is another. If you’ve ever watched Tim do his live site analysis’ you know you are in for an excellent presentation.

5.) Networking. Ok, this may go without saying. But I have to bring it up. Fantastic people attend this event, many I’ve become friends with over the years. People involved in affiliate marketing, business development, software, seo and all gametes of online marketing. This event allows many different marketing genres to come together. Some people you meet you have no opportunity to work with, but you will be surprised how that networking contact may benefit you in the future.

6.) Update of your skills. “Because when it comes down to it, affiliates in the organic space are extremely close to the “what works really well right now” – before it goes mainstream.
Staying ahead of the curve is the full time job of an organic affiliate who wants to keep his properties on top of the search engines.” Quoted by Rob Adler, owner of The Link Builders, a Maryland SEO firm who will be speaking Sunday at 2:00 in the Emperors I location. Rob is also launching a Rank Tracker program. (Review to come soon!)

7.) Round Tables. The round tables allow for a relaxed atmosphere with some of the experts in the industry. You simply sit down at one the tables and chat or ask questions with the designated expert at that site.

8.) Classes offered for all levels. As you look through the agenda, you will see beginner, intermediate and advanced. I encourage you to go to any class you would find interesting. Even if it seems really elementary there is always some bit of information you can glean from the talk.

9.) Learn how to increase your returns with SEOMoz. Joanna Lord, the Director of Customer Acquisition & Engagement with SEOMoz will be giving a presentation on retargeting and how it can help you. This is only open to Platinum and Diamond Pass holders.

10.) You are investing in your business. When talking about return on investment, there is nothing that adds to your business like the teachings you’ll get at the summit and the networking you will do.


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