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10+ Interesting Instant Search Engines to Check out

10+ Interesting Instant Search Engines to Check out

Ever since Google has introduced Instant search, there have been numerous attempts to replicate the behavior and style and apply it to other search sites. As the result, there have appeared multiple “Instant” search mash-ups we, as search marketers, should be keeping en eye on (as these mash-ups provide a lot of insight into different types of search experience).

1. Instant Videos

I felt obliged to start with Youtube Instant, one of the most successful instant mash-ups. Built overnight, Youtube Instant brought its creator Feross Aboukhadijeh instant fame and a job at Youtube.

How Youtube Instant works:

  • As-you-type suggestion source: Youtube Suggest
  • Search results: the tool will instantly show and start playing the top video returned for the suggested term (I like it call “Youtube I am Feeling Lucky Instant” for that reason) and will then load next 5 search results one by one (I use it as a play list sometimes which is quite awesome!)

Youtube instant

More instant video search:

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  • Youtube Instant (by @jeffmarrone) – absolutely “instant” clean search engine.
  • Youtube Loop (It also uses Youtube Suggest to auto-complete your query but it searches instantly for what you managed to type in)

2. Instant Images

Google Images Instant created by another smart technology enthusiast @hartmichael (who also doesn’t mind a job at Google by the way 🙂 ) is the exact copy of Google Instant behavior:

  • As-you-type suggestion source: Google Suggest
  • Search results: Instant Google image search results based on the top suggestion (you can use TAB to autocomplete your search query as well):

Google Images Instant

More instant images:

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3. Instant Products

App Store Instant adds an “instant” feel to the product search.

  • As you type suggestion source: N/A
  • Search results: 1 top result with details followed by 8 more results (The site’s own engine only stores the price, icon, and first few lines of each app’s iTunes store entry, and clicking any link brings you to the app’s official iTunes landing page.)

App Store Instant

More product instant search mash-ups:

4. Instant Maps

Google Maps Instant is another cool mash-up by @hartmichael

  • As you type suggestion source: Google Maps Suggest
  • Search results: a map (that instantly changes focus as you type)

Instant maps

5. Real-Time Instant Search

What can be faster than Twitter Instant?

  • As you type suggestion source: Google Suggest
  • Search results: Standard Twitter search results

Twitter Instant

When will Twitter introduce its own Auto Suggest mechanism – it would be killer!

6. More?

Instantise (by Tam Denholm) is a little nice aggregator that connects various Instant mash-ups under on roof. Give it a try for some amazing experience!

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What are your thoughts?


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