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YouTube Video Comes to TV via PS3 and Wii

Console gamers who are also fond of watching YouTube videos can now do both activities on their TV sets. YouTube has just rolled YouTube TV which will make YouTube video content available using Nintendo Wii or Sony Playstation 3.  The YouTube TV Channel is available at and can be accessed using the Wii’s Opera browser or the PS3’s built-in browser.

The YouTube TV Channel sports a cool layout which is optimized for TV screen and lets users browse and search through videos using on-screen menus. Videos can be displayed on the TV screen in standard mode or full-screen mode. It also features remote-control friendly buttons and an option to autoplay the next video on a playlist or from search results.

The YouTube TV Channel will be available internationally in 22 countries and 12 languages. This feature is being launched to help accelerate the interest on YouTube’s previous deal with some major TV and set-top box manufacturers which did not include a web browser or access to YouTube on their set-top boxes.

Incidentally, if you don’t have a Wii or Playstation 3 but want to check out the YouTube TV site using your PC, you can install the User Agent Switcher browser add-on and then connect your TV sets to your PC.

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YouTube Video Comes to TV via PS3 and Wii

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