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Yahoo! Maps Adds New Print Formatting

Yahoo! Maps Adds New Print Formatting

From the Yahoo! Maps and Local Blog:

Based on a lot of user input, the latest update we’ve made to the Broadband version of Yahoo! Maps is to the Driving Directions print page. The new format of the “Printable Version” allows for an interactive experience that simply put, makes them more useful and easier to read.

The post goes on to detail the changes and improvements. And it credits the Yahoo! Maps Suggestion Board too.

Why do I mention this? I mention it because these kind of day-to-day incremental improvements and upgrades are what help make local products more useful and more used. This kind of thing is way below the general consumer radar (and press radar) but these small improvements are important in the long run.

And Yahoo!’s use of the Suggestion Board is very smart here too to generate and refine ideas for product enhancements.

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Yahoo! Maps Adds New Print Formatting

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