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Using App Discovery to Fend Off Malware? Quixey Takes a Step to Make the App Ecosystem a Safer Place

As the popularity of apps and mobile devices grows at a rapid pace, mobile platforms have become a target for malware. Both Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOS have encountered security issues ranging from malware-infected Angry Birds  and Instagram apps to faux banking apps with questionable origins. According to Juniper Security Networks, the number of detections has grown from 400 in June of last year to a whopping 15,507 in February of this year.

With malware becoming more and more prevalent on mobile devices, security has moved to the forefront of many minds within the app ecosystem, including Quixey, the search engine for apps. Quixey announced a partnership today with Appthority that is designed to ensure the safety of every app downloaded onto a mobile device.

Quixey’s unique Functional Search™ will be teamed up with Appthority’s cloud-based platform, which identifies and grades risky behavior in mobile apps, to generate a slew of safe apps when a query is entered.

The companies noted that with Appthority’s security technology integrated into Quixey’s Functional Search™, apps identified as malware will be removed from search results before they ever reach a user’s mobile device, thus protecting customers from harmful apps before they are downloaded.

Tomer Kagan, Quixey’s CEO, stated:

“Quixey is committed to creating a trusted app ecosystem around the globe. Quixey and Appthority are solving a serious problem in the mobile space. Given the rise in malware and the increasing need for app security, Quixey is partnering with Appthority to deliver the safest, most trusted experience when downloading apps onto a mobile device.”

Quixey, who partners with a variety of companies to provide app search solutions, noted that partners using Quixey’s search technology will be able to expose the security behaviors of each app, while also offering the ability to feature security badges within their search results, and this gives everyone using a search powered by Quixey the knowledge that their apps are trusted and secure.

As the app ecosystem continues to develop and spread to new mediums, security will surely play a larger role. Quixey and Appthority have begun to take the necessary steps to safeguard what goes onto our devices.

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Using App Discovery to Fend Off Malware? Quixey Takes a Step to Make the App Ecosystem a Safer Place

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