The Facebook Doppelganger Explosion

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Last night I was exhausted after being in a meeting at work all day. I had to start studying for an online test I was taking for a class at USF. I was procrastinating and wishing Starbucks delivered. I found myself browsing my Facebook account as people often do when they should be doing more important things. I quickly caught myself clicking on profile after profile. I started off by glancing at one photo of a friend and thinking she looked much better than I remembered. I concluded the answer was because my friend had posted a photo of a celebrity in place of her face. I noticed a ton of people were doing it. I thought it was odd but I was intrigued enough to keep clicking away on everyone I knew. Apparently, a large portion of Facebook users were posting a photo of someone famous along with this message:

Doppelgänger week! During this week change your profile picture to someone famous (actor, musician, athlete) you have been told you look like…

A few weeks ago there was a similar situation popping up all around Facebook. My friends were constantly posting a color in their status updates. I wasn’t sure why but I did know it was picking up quickly. Finally, I got a message in my inbox.

The combination of word of mouth and quick clicks to share information got me thinking about the potential Facebook really has for marketing and SEO. Can you get quality brand recognition on Facebook? The doppelganger fad is kind of ridiculous, unlike the color fad which had a point and did a great job at promoting awareness to breast cancer. However despite the doppelganger fad lacking a point, people are still participating and rapidly spreading the word.The doppelganger group has over 8,000 fans. In addition, hundreds of people are changing their personal photos to a celebrity look alike every minute. There is a debate about rather or not this is legal. Is Facebook violating privacy rights which they promise to protect by allowing users to participate in the Doppelganger fad?

I eventually signed off Facebook and got around to taking my test for one of my online classes at USF. It was fifty questions and fifty minutes long! That is a minute per question. I couldn’t help but think about Market Motive where I am also a student. As of now, I have been watching videos each week followed up by weekly assignments. I will have a test shortly and I’m curious how that will go. I hope I have more than one minute to concentrate on each question. Market Motive does allow me to take the test up to three times which is VERY nice. Unfortunately, that is not the situation with the USF exam I took last night.


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  • Selena

    I’ve also noticed this week that the trend is “urban dictionary.” Have you seen that yet?? People are putting this in their status updates: “go to, type in your first name, copy and paste this as your status, and put the entry for your name under comments.”

    It’s ridiculous how quickly things like this catch on… I believe Facebook is one of the up and coming tools that can be utilized for marketing, SEO and brand management 🙂

    • Selena

      Typo in my comment! “I’ve” also noticed.

  • Joanna Batten

    I have seen it and was just talking about that with someone in my office. These things are so silly but yes, they spread quickly! I think Facebook has a ton of potential as a marketing tool. The thing is, when people start really utilizing Facebook as an advertising and marketing media I think the Facebook users will start to decline similar to the Myspace scenario. (It was once the next best thing and now people could care less) If Facebook gets spammy, people will just find another up and coming social media platform to get extremely involved in.

  • Daz

    Yes Was Wondering Why People Where Doing That ? But ” Brands ” Think Can Up Set Members When Thay Report Funny Content – So Think Its Still Out On That

  • missy

    Go to To which celeb you look like.
    This is by far the best and fastest generator I’ve come accross. <3

  • Ryan Walden

    Ok…so here is my question? Is there a “thinktank” at Facebook that comes up with some of these rediculous themes? Who comes up with this stuff? I can’t say I’ve never participated…don’t want to feel left out, but sometimes this is just silly.. It does show the power Facebook has for any initiative and it does show that Social Media works because people want to feel a part of something. People like to see their “ego” out there. That’s why Social will continue working. Nice rundown of your thoughts Joanna

  • Anonymous

    It’s both a chance and a danger for Facebook. If it’s uncontrolled, Facebook will sooner or later turn into a spammy marketing blob monster. But if Facebook manages to put this into a system which works for both brands and users, it could cement FB’s status as the world’s most important network.

    In the current situation, marketers should care for one thing: Do what others don’t do. To be exceptional is the way to success, and I hope for many more creative campaigns that actually offer a value to people.