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SecondStep : SEO Audit, Task & Workflow Solution Launches in Private Beta

SecondStep : SEO Audit, Task & Workflow Solution Launches in Private Beta

Today is the huge day for BlueGlass as we are officially launching our private beta of SecondStep, a multi-feature productivity and search marketing platform. Similar to the way that CRM or Project Management software helps companies manage the sales process or the project management flow, SecondStep is revolutionary in the SEO field as it is an all emcompassing SEO auditing, tasking and workflow solution designed to bring scalability to agencies, in-house SEOs, search consultants and media networks.

SecondStep is the unique software that allows marketers to plan and scale various SEO and SEM tasks to get the work done.

1. NextAudit Auditing

Second Step AuditingThe NextAudit software combines crawl technology, competitive analysis, and automated best practice recommendations. Moreover it has the ability to provide the user with custom report that explains them how to make changes to their search campaign that are going to have meaningful impact.

SecondStep uses a Freemium model, as we offer a free comprehensive audit solution, with the ability to upgrade to the Enterprise Level. Enterprise Level users can take it even beyond that auditing and work with our team to:

  • Create customized crawls and  reports
  • Receive a level of insight into their site that is basically unavailable in any other web based search tool today.

2. Task Management

task managementThe great thing about the SecondStep platform is that it offers the user full project management capabilities completely for free. The service provides a unique set of productivity and task management tools that allow you to effectively plan and scale SEO process both inhouse and using complete or partial outsourcing solutions.

You can:

  • Assign priorities to tasks,
  • Message team members,
  • See all tasks displayed on a calendar;
  • Plan and manage the workload of each of your team member

3. Keyword Research and Management

Content CreationThe tool is nothing like any other keyword research tool you have ever tried before. Its main purpose is to allow marketers to make campaign decisions right within the platform. Basically, the process looks as follows:
  1. Analyze a key phrase and the related terms;
  2. Make some early decisions on the keyword based on values such as volume, cpc, the relative competitiveness of the term, and overall perceived market value of the term;
  3. Add keywords to the campaign to receive micro-audits of the competitive nature of the space and the overall value it can bring to your campaign.
  4. Make budgetary and ROI decisions about your campaign, and also help assign your keywords to the correct pages on your website

4. Content Creation

The platform allows you to work with our CopyPress system directly from your backend, so you could take advantage of other built-in task management and keyword research tools to painlessly manage and optimize content creation process. CopyPress is the BlueGlass Interactive copywriting & content service made up of over 250 American writers and over 20 editors.

Do you have an 8,000 product ecommerce site? No problem. You can find the keywords that will funnel traffic to each product the best and build unique content for each and every product, then work with our team to have a single XML feed create to make inclusion of the content seamless. Likewise, if you run a network of blogs, we will supply you with WordPress integration capabilities.


5. Link Building

Link buildingSecondStep link building solution is based on LinkQuest system that utilizes organic linkbuilding methods, QA software, and other tools to target and acquire links that will help you dominate the search index.

The user is offered flexible budgeting options based on a keyword level which allows you to shape your budget based on keyword focus. Using the task management features within SecondStep, you can task out link building directly to LinkQuest.

6. Campaign Monitoring via Reports

The platform can sync with your Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Central, and Bing Webmaster Tools accounts, as well as offer your standard ranking reports, but allow you to pull the data for each keyword in your campaign.

We have been working on the development of SecondStep for years, and now have launched in private beta. Private beta is first but very important step for us, BlueGlass team. We are planning to collect user feedback and improve the product by public release in 2011. We have a lot to do but we are so excited! If you would like to be invited to become a private beta early adopter of SecondStep, just go to


More coverage of the launch of SecondStep :

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