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Many have pointed out that the success of Google is as much its relevance algorithm as its simple clutter free approach to the user interface. Now, a search company is working on the interface front to provide a refreshing approach to presentation of search results.

The iTunes ‘Coverflow’ inspired view at Searchme lets you browse through the snapshot of pages that are returned from search. I found this similar to the 3D browser approach in SpaceTime. In SpaceTime you could arrange the search results as individual tabs in a 3D environment and zoom, span, move in, move out etc. The visual interface for SearchMe is good to have a brief look at the results and decide which one page you would you give attention to.

The contextual categorization on the top of the search lists the categories that may match the search term. Its great to see this feature since it indirectly means that SearchMe could incorporate vertical domains with ease.

There is also the feature to view the search results in the normal list mode as well and the results appear below the cover flow view. The panes are resizable.

There is a demo of searchme features on YouTube. The company is backed by Sequoia Capital, which is significant, considering that they invested in Yahoo and Google as well. Also, the founders have impeccable credentials in the entrepreneurial front.

SearchMe definitely makes a mark on the UI front. But whether the team behind it can innovate enough to make changes in addition to the user interface is to be seen.

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5 thoughts on “Searchme : A Refreshing Search Interface

  1. Thanks for the link Mike. Its interesting that John mentions mobile search . It is one interface that cannot do with rows and rows of results.

  2. Thanks for posting about Searchme – we really appreciate it! We wanted to let you know that we’ve just added this cool new feature called Stacks, which lets you collect groups of your favorite web pages and then share them via email, web sites, Facebook®, MySpace®, and blogs like yours. We’ve also added Searchme Media Search, which lets you search for images or videos from Flickr™ and YouTube™.

    Check out our Demo Videos:

    Or check out Stacks in action:


    The Searchme Team