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How To Drive Traffic & Engagement With Push Notifications

Leverage the power of push notifications to easily increase the number of engaged visitors to your website.

This post was sponsored by Notix. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website?

Do you need visitors who are engaged with your content to return to your website again and again?

As a publisher, you need a steady stream of engaged traffic to generate revenue from advertising.

In this article, we’re going to look at ways publishers can increase traffic with Notix push notifications.

How Major Publishers Generate Traffic

According to Similarweb, publishers like New York Times (nytimes.com) receive over 40% of their traffic from organic search, 6% from social media, 4% from referrals, and 2% from emails. The majority of traffic comes from direct sources (46%).

The Wall Street Journal (wsj.com) receives over 30% from organic search, 7% from social media, 7% from referrals, and 1% from emails. Like the New York Times, the majority of traffic comes from direct sources (53%).

Direct sources of traffic can be harder to pinpoint, but often include returning visitors who enter the URL of the website into the browser or use a saved bookmark.

Website analytics tools like Google Analytics will also reveal the number of visitors who are new to your site versus the number of returning visitors.

You can analyze the behavior of these visitors to see which traffic is most engaged with your content between the time spent on-page and the average number of page viewers between both segments of visitors.

How do you create a higher amount of returning visitors, who appear to make up a large piece of traffic that comes from direct sources?

  • Subscription Lists.
  • Push Notifications.

Email & Social Media Subscribers: Common Challenges Of Subscription Lists

To convert a visitor into a subscriber, many publishers will use email opt-in in various formats throughout the website.

When it comes to increasing that returning visitor number, there are a few specific challenges when it comes to email opt-ins.

  • You are dependent on the visitor to correctly enter their email address.
  • You are dependent on the email server to deliver your email to the subscriber’s inbox instead of their spam box – assuming they haven’t created a filter to sort your email into a folder other than the inbox.
  • You are dependent on the subscriber to open your emails and click through to your website for return traffic.

Publishers also rely on social media to help keep visitors loyal to their content.

Challenges can arise when converting new visitors to returning visitors using social media channels.

  • You are dependent on the visitor to leave your website and decide to follow you on an external social network.
  • You are dependent on the social network to place the posts you make to your social media profile or page in the newsfeed of your new follower.
  • You are dependent on your followers to notice your post in their newsfeed and click through to your website for return traffic.

In both cases – the email inbox and social media newsfeed – you are competing against a flood of other messages from acquaintances and other brands that your subscriber follows.

Enter push notifications.

Image created by Notix, March, 2022

Push notifications can be a faster, easier solution to increase the number of returning visitors to your site.

How To Drive Traffic & Engagement With Notix Push Notifications

How do Notix push notifications help publishers generate more returning traffic?

  1. Instantly implement high-conversion: While a new visitor is enjoying your content, they will be prompted to get instant browser notifications for any new content you publish.
  2. Capture audiences with ease: With one click of a button to allow notifications, you can convert a new visitor into a subscriber.
  3. Get seen with high-visibility techniques: When you send a push notification to your subscriber, they will be notified by their browser in the notification center, regardless of what website they are using at the time.
  4. Get more returning visitors: A higher amount of new visitors become returning visitors, allowing your traffic to increase through visitor repetition, in addition to your constant flow of new visitors.

As you can imagine, the single click to sign up makes it easier to grow your notification list – you don’t have to rely on your visitors to enter a correct email address or follow you after leaving your website.

You are no longer relying on email servers or social media algorithms to properly filter your message into your subscribers’ main view.

You also won’t be working with the personal data of your subscribers as you would with email notifications.

Now that your site is set up with push notifications, how can you make sure they’re performing at their highest potential?

Discover The Best Timing For Push Notifications

Notix push notifications give you the ability to send notifications to all or segments of your subscribers immediately, at a scheduled time, or automatically when you publish new content.

With immediate and scheduled notifications, you can reach your subscribers at the times you think they are most likely to be online and ready to engage with your content.

Scheduled notifications by time zone can help you reach your subscribers at the right time, no matter where they are located in the world.

Automate Your Push Notifications

As a busy publisher, you can also automate your notifications to go out along with your new content.

This allows you to generate return traffic without doing any additional work.

Use Audience Segmentation

To keep your subscribers happy, you can segment your subscribers based on interests and other factors to ensure that the messaging you send fits with their needs.

Websites that cover multiple topics will find this useful when ensuring fans of one topic aren’t fed messages from another.

International publications can use audience segmentation to tailor content to subscribers’ regional interests.

Book A Demo

With a WordPress plugin and free plans for up to 30,000 active subscribers, it’s easy to integrate Notix.

Learn more and book a demo to see how Notix can help you re-engage your visitors with your content and drive valuable return traffic to your website.

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Featured Image: Image by Notix. Used with permission.


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How To Drive Traffic & Engagement With Push Notifications

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