Privacy Groups Call Google’s Interest-Based Ads a Disaster

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It didn’t take two online privacy groups that long to attack Google’s recent announced interest-based advertising. Electronic Privacy Information and Center for Digital Democracy have similarly attacked the online ad targeting program.

For its part, Marc Rotenberg executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center said that the interest-based ad targeting is a disaster and would allow Google to exploit its access to user data for advertising purposes. Rotenberg also said that Google was even among those who opposed this kind of advertising. Rotenberg is then calling on the Federal Trade Commission to stop Google’s implementation of the internet-based  advertising.

On the other hand, the Center for Digital Democracy which is not really against the internet-based ads per se but was just asking Google to let users opt-in instead opt-out of the said program.

In an email sent to PC World  CDC Executive Director Jeffrey Chester said:

“It’s a very incomplete and flawed safeguard. Missing from what users should know and control are the applications Google uses to develop the ad so it can target and collect data. Users should know if Google is using neuromarketing, viral marketing, rich immersive media and social networks.”

Arnold Zafra
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  • when Google Move to action ,No one can stop it,as long advertiser demand for this Google base Interest base ads,Google already has You tube experienced to keep all the sue down and keep the profit in

  • Anonymous

    Jeff Chester is a blathering idiot. While there are some legitimate privacy concerns raised by what Google (and virtually every other publisher) is doing here, Chester’s so off base its comical and reveals his true paranoia. Neuromarketing? WTF is that? Viral Marketing? For an ad network? Jeff is both ill informed and clearly crazy, and should not be taken seriously by anybody who is not already wearing a tinfoil hat.

  • NewsJunkie

    I don’t agree with this being a ‘disaster’. In my opinion this is a well thought out move by Google. They released info videos on YouTube even. As far as the opt-in or opt-out controversy. If people really have that big of a problem with it, then they will make the effort to opt-out.

    Here’s a video with some more info about the move by google…

  • Alex D

    People search the internet according their short or long term interests. Therefore all searches are just expression of these interests. Interests are the driving factor of search on the Internet.
    So, is interest-based advertising a move in a right direction? Absolutely!
    However when you look at how Google is going to implement this, several questions arise. Look for example at Ads Preferences Manager ( You will see that Google approach is completely inadequate. For example it lists only 3 hobbies!
    600 intererest listed there is nothing compared to the tens or even hundreds thousands (see for example of human interests.
    So, maybe this is just an excuse to place another cookie in user’s browsers?