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Optimizing Your “Thank-You-for-Comment” Page

Jordan already did once an awesome post on optimizing your “Thank-you” pages; this article is going to be more specific: it looks at various ways to get your blog commenters even more enrolled.

  • People who have found your article worth commenting are more likely to get even more enrolled;
  • People who comment are your most targeted audience; you don’t want to lose them.

1. Social Media-Friendly Way:

Description: Encourage those who comment “tweet”, “like” and share your page at various social media networks.

Actual example: Contentrix

Thank you for the comment

2. RSS-Friendly Way

Description: Show a new page to the commenter where you express your gratitude and encouragement and offer to subscribe to the blog (gets 4 stars as the user is almost unable to return to the original page to read more, leave more comments, Tweet the post, etc).

Actual example: Outspoken Media Blog

Thank you for the comment page

!Tip: Here’s a detailed tutorial on how this can be done.

3. Email-friendly way

Description: Thank your commenter by a friendly email notice (might be considered spam by some, though I am not going to state it really is. I for one didn’t think that way but you should be generally very careful with auto-email notices).

Actual example: BlogGodown

Thank you for your comment email

!Tip: This can be done with help of “Thank me later” WordPress plugin

Which of the above methods look like something you would like to give a try to? Or do you have any more to add?

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Optimizing Your “Thank-You-for-Comment” Page

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