Matt Cutts: More Indexed Pages Doesn’t Always Equal Better Rank

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In the latest Webmaster Help video from Matt Cutts, he received a question from Leah in New York, if wanted to know that more indexed pages will automatically equal better ranking on search queries on Google:

As Matt goes on to explain, while more pages that all contain great content as certainly a good thing, webmasters shouldn’t simply create more pages that aren’t useful in order to hopefully increase the index rate and the overall page rank for the website.

While Matt Cutts does assert that having indexed pages that have applicable keywords that users are searching for make them more likely to have a better pagerank, he goes on to further assert that this doesn’t guarantee better page rankings for your entire website.

This latest video is another reminder that when it comes to website page content, quality over quantity is an important guideline.

Kelsey Jones
When she's not editing and scheduling posts, Kelsey Jones manages the Marketing Nerds podcast and moderates SEJ Summit conferences and Marketing ThinkTank webinars. She has been in digital marketing since 2007 and journalism since 2004. Kelsey started StoryShout, the first and only news content marketing agency, in 2016.
Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones
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  • Lee Keadle

    I’m currently in the process of creating more keyword-specific pages on my site. Although I debated doing this (because I didn’t want to necessarily create more pages), I decided it was worth a try. Matt Cutts’ video confirms that this is (hopefully) a good decision!

    • Kelsey Jones

      Lee, it sounds like you are on the right track. Good luck!

  • Amanda Max

    This seems to be a good decision at least Matt Cutts is planning now to directly target spam sites. There are sites which are focusing only on number of posts equally compromising on quality.

  • Jack Golds

    During my early stages as an SEO I thought more keywords pages = better ranking. But that definitely wasn’t the case, at least long term. I think Matt pointed out something that should always be a best practice for all web-masters. Only create content that matters. Just because you have fifty pages from your domain ranking high, doesn’t necessarily mean anything. IF the content sucks, THEN the bounce rate sky rockets, BECAUSE users want the answer to their search query and that’s why they use Google. When a website ranks for a keyword that isn’t relevant to the content, it gets penalized. Remember that old cliche saying “Content is King?” Well it still is.

  • John

    I think Google never likes this kind of websites which simply create more pages that aren’t useful in order to hopefully increase the index rate.

  • john matthew

    i would agree with few of Webmasters above, it is always quality which matters and Google itself is user oriented company always do what user require or need which is why Google is the most succesfull company in the world and if any webmaster or SEO expert keep in view what user intend is? he is targeting , what they wants to see its never going to get any problem with SERPs .