Matt Cutts: Google Webmaster Penalty Emails to Include Examples of Bad Links

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We’re here live at SMX Advanced in Seattle where Matt Cutts is on stage being interviewed.

matt cutts webmaster emails

Matt Cutts said that Google Webmaster Penalty emails will start to Include Examples of Bad Links in them.  Cutts stated “One thing that’s new is we’re testing the inclusion of example URLs — when we send a manual action notification, we’ll include one or two or three sample URLs to show what’s wrong.”

This got the audience’s attention tonight as people started jumping up and down.  This is big news in the search marketing world.

John Rampton
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  • Well well, this could get very interesting. Looking forward to see these examples surfacing on the blogs and forums 😀

  • wow

    Its really careful to optimize guy’s 🙂

    Thanks for Sharing John

    • Anytime, it’ll be interesting to see how people optimize better with these!

  • I think Google should also provide some on page problems through webmaster tool’s message.

    • That would be awesome if they did this. This is “step 1” and I would hope in the future they will shed some light on what we can all be doing better!

  • I think Google move will help the webmaster in understanding which links are bad and which are not.

    • That’s what it’s looking like, hopefully in the future they will start shedding a lot more light on things we could be improving on.

  • I’ve watched a video on this topic last week on official channel. Actually I’ve never seen that kind of messages in my webmaster tools account, but I have to admit that I have receive 404 warnings or crawling errors notices.

    • Count yourself lucky as MANY people reading this have… including myself!

  • nice! +1 for GWT tool and new features for webmasters…

  • wow

    Its really careful to optimize guy’s 🙂