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Looks Like Bing Will Strike a Deal with Both Twitter and Facebook

How about about this, all your Facebook public updates and Twitter tweets becoming searchable on Bing search engine? Or another way at looking at it is a real-time search engine finally coming into a realization. Well, believe it or not that might happen soon as an annonucement it about to be made  about the Bing-Twitter-Facebook partnership.The buzz was started earlier today by Kara Swisher when she reported that Microsoft might announce a partnership deal with Twitter. But a few hours after, it seems not only is Microsoft partnering with Twitter but with Facebook as well.

These rumors have been going on for quite some time now. In fact, Google was also reported to be wooing Twitter. But Microsoft might have scored one up against Google this time.

So, if this deal becomes official and later on materialized what should we expect? Like I said before,  a realization of the “real-time” aspect of a search engine which happens to be Bing.

With that comes the potential of tapping into Twitter’s  vast universe of both useful and mundane tweets posted by its gazillions of users. Add that to the 40 million updates posted by Facebook members daily and you’ll have the data needed to run more targeted search ads.

Anyway, exactly how much in terms of financial numbers we are looking here is not yet known. We have to wait for a couple of hours more to know other finer points of the deal. In the meantime, start contemplating now whether you will be comfortable sharing your Twitter tweets and Facebook updates to the rest of the world.

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Looks Like Bing Will Strike a Deal with Both Twitter and Facebook

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