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Ixquick : Rating Based Meta Search Engine

Ixquick : Rating Based Meta Search Engine meta search engine submits your search query to 14 search engines and the results are ranked according to a “star” ranking system.

While the ranking may not appear any different from what other meta search engines have to offer, Ixquick includes several power search options that can come handy (Boolean logic, phrases, wild cards, and field searches). Then there’s also the phone directory search, image search, search tool bar and the shopping comparison search

Ixquick uses a star ranking system to rate the results. Each result gets a “star” if it is one among the top ten results for a major engine. Each search engine has its own database and ranking methodology and the star rating does get the relevant links to come through from the wide pool of results.

Ixquick also supports 18 different languages. Duplicate entries are removed from the search results. Another eason why you would recommnd Ixquick would be because of their adoption of user privacy concerns and the deletion of the search records for users. Hence ixquick can be used as a proxy search tool. Here’s an article detailing the announcement.

Ixquick does pack some power with the power searcher option, but again meta is more like a workaround to the central problem of search rather than a different approach to search. But then again, that’s what meta-search is all about.

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Ixquick : Rating Based Meta Search Engine

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