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Introducing SearchSalad: A Healthy Way to Search

Every once in awhile its good to see other metasearch engine come out of the web. While the top five major search engines battle it out, day in and day out in outclassing each other introducing new features here and there, answering privacy concerns of users, its a breather that something like SearchSalad came out of hybernation.

In a nutshell SearchSalad is all about crawling the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and wikipedia for relevant results related to a user’s search keyword. So, instead of searching those search engines one by one, SearchSalad crawls through the top search engines and displays the most relevant results, even eliminating duplicate results along the way.

Working as a metasearch engine, SearchSalad does not have a database of its own and relies on the top search engines database properties. SearchSalad even queries product databases of non-search sites such as Kelko and Ebay as an added bonus to search results.

To give users additional flexibility through personal customization. SearchSalad gives users the option to select the search engines to be included in their search, choose search results based on the strenght of the search engines, upload personalized background picture and play music through its My Salad facility.

Paul Sago, Director of Lemon Interactive, SearchSalad owner best summarizes what SearchSalad is all about:

“This is the future of search and we anticipate bringing many new innovations to the site over the coming months.”

SearchSalad covers the web, video, audio, image, news maps by crawling Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN, Wikipedia as well as non-search sites such as eBay, Kelkoo, Engadget, Review Centre, CNET, YouTube, Blinx and Ciao.

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Introducing SearchSalad: A Healthy Way to Search

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