Social Meme Monday: Home Objects Inspired by Social Media

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You know you are completely addicted to social media when you have items at home whose designs are inspired by Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. For today’s Monday Meme, we dug deep into the Internet to find items—other than the usual T-shirts and tumblers—that are inspired by social media.  We hope you will enjoy the items as much as we enjoyed searching them up for you.

Social Media Russian Dolls

Social Media Russian Dolls – Source: bakalnchik1 on via SEJournal on Pinterest

Facebook embroidered shirt

Facebook embroidered shirt – Source: via SEJournal on Pinterest

Reddit Alien Earflap

Reddit Alien Earflap – Source: Ethnicdesign via SEJournal on Pinterest

Facebook cufflinks

Facebook cuff-links – Source: coopaccessories via SEJournal on Pinterest

Twitter earrings

Twitter earrings – Source: via SEJournal on Pinterest

Social media pillows

Social media pillows – Source: static.hongkiat.comvia SEJournal on Pinterest

Reddit alien soap

Reddit alien soap – Source: product-images.wantist.comvia SEJournal on Pinterest

The Jacket that Hugs You When You Get a “Like” on Facebook

Get a hug when you “like” on FB – Source: via SEJournal on Pinterest

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Liliana Steffens
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