How To Use Your Blog To Create Repeat Customers: Interview With John Chow

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John Chow

As part of our SEJ interview series, John Chow of joins us to share tips and advice on how to run a successful blog and create repeat customers.

John makes a full time living from blogging, but it’s not the blogging itself where earns most of his money it’s from the products featured on the blog.

John’s blog acts as a gateway, or a traffic source, that he uses to push visitors down a sales funnel which is where the money is made. Hear John explain more about how he does this in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • John’s process works something like this: A visitor lands on his blog and is offered a free ebook on how he does what he does. Included in the ebook are links to resources. If the person reading the eBook buys ones of these resources, John earns a commission.
  • John sells his own products in these ebooks, as well as affiliate products. If a person were to buy everything John recommends they would be spending upwards of 26 thousand dollars, but typically they only spend a few hundred dollars.
  • Instead of promoting and selling one product, John tries to create repeat customers by selling multiple things to the same people.
  • John gains customer trust by teaching them and being a valuable resource for information about sales, which keeps them coming back and allows him the opportunity to sell more products.
  • John says this is a much better business model than “hit-and-run” affiliate marketing, which consists of selling one product to one customer and then never seeing them again.

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John Rampton
John Rampton is an entrepreneur, full-time computer nerd, and PPC expert. Founder at payments company I enjoy helping people and am always online to chat +/@johnrampton
John Rampton
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  • Romano Groenewoud

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  • Jenni Lee

    Hi John,
    This is really a much better business model
    Thanks for sharing.!!

  • RajPratim

    He is one of most favorite. I often visit his blog to learn new blogging tips. Thanks for the interview.

  • Conor

    Guiding your valuable readers to achieve their online business goal is one of the great thing John Chow have been doing for years! Keep aside the money you make! Focus on how you can help other achieve their online goals.