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How to Scale Enterprise SEO with Edge SEO and Automation [Podcast]


Mark Traphagen, VP Product Marketing & Training at seoClarity, joins Search Engine Journal founder Loren Baker to discuss SEO automation. Mark shares with us insights about the challenges of Enterprise SEO and how to scale with Edge SEO.

How long does it take you to implement your SEO recommendations? Are you struggling with timelines?

In this episode, we talk thru the pain points of business owners, how to take action and get more done once you have the correct insights, and the data needed to take your SEO to the next level.

This episode is also packed full of tools to improve your SEO and create brand awareness.

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  • 0:47 – Who is Mark Traphagen?
  • 2:42 – Mark’s transition from the agency to the in-house side.
  • 8:36 – Mark shares stats and survey info from Barry Schwartz.
  • 11:30 – What are some challenges of Enterprise SEO?
  • 12:50 – Timeline of SEO recommendations.
  • 15:52 – What is Edge SEO? The solution to get things done.
  • 20:18 – Can changes be tested and made without changing the URL?
  • 24:11 – How can you accelerate the pace from data to insight to action?
  • 25:26 – Parallels between SEO and PPC.
  • 29:13 – Mark talks about his project in content guard.
  • 33:19 – How can companies submit entries to the US search awards?

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How to Scale Enterprise SEO with Edge SEO and Automation [Podcast]

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