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Google’s Early Efforts to Monetize Video

Video. I can’t stop thinking about it.

Neither can Google. A recent tour of the Google plex by yielded some news (to me) on Google and their efforts to monetize video.

I did not know that “They have done limited advertising, notably post-roll ads for HP on the Charlie Rose Show.”

Or that Google helped out Eepybird make a little casharooni by inserting ads into their incredibly popular diet coke and mentos video.

It’s great to see that we’ve got Google working on the problem of monetizing video content for creators… they solved big chunks of the written content monetization problem with AdSense.

So… it looks like what we’re going to need for user generated video to get monetized is a web based video editing system up on YouTube that inserts ad feeds into each and every video uploaded.

Or I guess the ads could get pasted in by the player itself?

The simplest way to create video ads at first will be text and that’s likely what we will see on YouTube videos shortly…

We currently see “more video” opportunities post roll on *on site* YouTube vids. That’s where we’ll start to see Google AdSense ads first I suspect.

Anyways – PPC advertisers get set to test out ads on video in ’07.

Video Ranking
I did assume that there were a few key ways that Google ranked videos: text surrounding the video + quality of links to the video + comments and ratings on the video itself.

The post alludes to Google forays into speech to text…

BUT speech to text is something the folks at PodZinger have 30+ years of experience in. Unless speech to text is way easier than I assume it is watch for a Google acquisition in that space.

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Garrett French sits on the edge of his wooden chair waiting for an opportunity to write about online video. He also conducts blog PR campaigns, creates elaborate yet simple social content management platforms and works occasionally on an analog-only comic. He saw Borat last night still feels violated by that wrestling scene.

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Google’s Early Efforts to Monetize Video

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