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Google Seems Good Sometimes : Helping Hacked Sites

More and more webmasters become victims of hackers who put hidden links at their blogs. At Google Webmaster Groups I read daily approximately every tenth blogger complains that his site has been hacked.

A few red flags that might mean your site has been attacked by a hacker:

  • your site has been dropped out of Google index without any reason;
  • you get a rise of unusual traffic (especially for searches that have nothing to do with your site);
  • Google webmaster tools report unusual keywords in your site content:

unusual keywords in content

I can’t say I always support the way Google handles problems but I find it impressive how they cooperate with webmasters to fight hackers.

  • Prior to taking any actions Google does its best to notify a webmaster of possible problems:
    • they notify a webmaster via Google tools;
    • they send an email alert to a webmaster to a most probable email address (,,, etc).

Note: they are reported to be more eager to notify the owner of the site that has never been caught for breaking Google guidelines.

  • They are reported to be fast and efficient at returning the cleaned site back to index and recovering its rankings.

And at the end a few simple tips on avoiding the problem or handling it:

  1. always make sure your WordPress version is up-to-date (you can install automatic upgrade plugin that will save you of the trouble);
  2. make sure your hosting provider handles the situation properly (if not, better move your site to a more secure company);
  3. follow Google’s advice and once your site is cleaned, request your site reinclusion at Google webmaster tools.
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Google Seems Good Sometimes : Helping Hacked Sites

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