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Google’s Universal Search Suggest & Quick Scroll Chrome Extension

Google has introduced two new search-related features – universal search features to Google Suggest and Quick Scroll extension for Google Chrome. Both features are aimed at making it easier and faster for users to find the information they need and are good examples of how Google is extending the power of Google search beyond the results page.


Universal search feature adds more suggested search terms beneath the Google search box after you’ve typed in your search query. So instead of getting the answers to search specific search query on the results page itself, the answer to search query can now be displayed below the suggested terms. This feature is of course available only for search queries with direct and specific answers.

Google has also introduced a new Google Chrome Extension called Quick Scroll. What this Chrome extension does is to let you use Google search features even after you leave the search results pages – that is after you’ve clicked on a search results link and you are now actually on the search result. Quick Scroll will display a small black box on the lower right portion of the screen.  This box contains snippets of text culled from the page content that you viewing. And these texts are clickable and are anchored on specific parts of the page. It’s like a research assistant. You can use this feature only if you’ve installed Google Chrome 4 beta and have enabled the Chrome Extension feature.

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Google’s Universal Search Suggest & Quick Scroll Chrome Extension

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