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Google Dominates U.S. Searches for October

Google Dominates U.S. Searches for October


As expected Google once again dominated U.S. search engine rankings for October based on the recent ComScore report. The almighty Google search engine even managed to post an increase in total searches conducted during the month. Hence, automatically reducing the percentages share of the other search engines, particularly MSN, Yahoo and AOL.

There’s not much changes in the search activities for October as compared to September’s ComScore data. Google’s share of searches for October increased by 1.5% while Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL decreased by .8, .6 and .1 % respectively.’s share remained the same as compared with September data.

Interestingly, despite successive improvements in its search engine features and functionalities, MSN’s Live Search didn’t manage to gain more searches. And even got a reduction in its share of searches.

Looking at the total search conducted for October, Google’s site data shows an the biggest increase with 11.4% followed by with 10.7%, Yahoo with 10.7%, Time’s AOL with 9.4% and Microsoft with only 5.6%. Looks like Microsoft’s Live Search despite the enhancements introduced in October still could not able to gain a big chunk of the searches conducted in October.

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Is it time for Microsoft to throw in the towel? Or perhaps gather all its financial assets and buy Yahoo? Would a Microsoft-Yahoo merger successfully dislodged Google from its top position? Only time can tell.



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