Google Code Search Exposes WinZip Serial Number Info

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Google Code Search Exposes WinZip Serial Number Info

Found via, seems that some simple searches on the new Google Code Search will expose some rather valuable information. One searcher found the serial number algorithms for Winzip, Photoshop and mIRC.

“Just by searching for “keygen”, “serial”, “name”, and some well known cracker groups you can come by the keygen sources (how serial numbers are generated) to some very popular programs. I found WinZip, Photoshop, mIRC, and a few others.”

Google Code Search is only out for 12 hours and it’s already running into problems. Digg member Mitsuhiko puts it best in the first comment on this thread:

Hmmm. I hope that doesn’t mean some guys sue google for that new service. Because it damn rocks.

So, how long before we see a ‘no index,no follow’ which addresses the Google Code Search Bot?

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker
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