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Google’s again in the news today as they closed the developers’ preview of their new search architechture known as Caffeine. First announced back in August Caffeine caused quite a stir in the marketing community. Given that Google putting a new logo is enough of a newsworthy event for a large part of the search marketing world the new search algorithm was close to a sensation.

For those of us who might have been too busy doing SEO and somehow missed the news Caffeine is a next-generation search architecture for Google that’s supposed to be faster and more accurate, providing better, more relevant results and crawling larger parts of the web. Of course the biggest question for most of us is not how fast the new Google is but how high our websites will rank in the new index. Until now we were able to check our sites positions in Caffeine at but now it says:

Thank you!

We appreciate all the feedback from people who searched on our Caffeine sandbox.

Based on the success we’ve seen, we believe Caffeine is ready for a larger audience. Soon we will activate Caffeine more widely, beginning with one data center. This sandbox is no longer necessary and has been retired, but we appreciate the testing and positive input that webmasters and publishers have given.

So it’s official. Google Caffeine is going live and taking all the changes with it. If you’ve been monitoring your sites rankings in Google Caffeine you may expect your site to appear at same position in Google. Anyway don’t be surprised to see your sites rankings dance around a while – that’s Caffeine coming.

I’ve been following the rankings of a few sites in Caffeine vs Google with Rank Tracker. There were significant differences so I guess I’ll be able to tell that Caffeine is live when the actual Google rankings come close or coincide with the last checked Caffeine positions. Sure I’ll keep you posted.

Good luck and may your sites rank high in the new Google.

Richard Gilmore

Richard Gilmore

Richard Gilmore

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  • David

    I guess this will be a major issue for a number of high profile websites but could also open the opportunity for external agencies to gain more work as internal staff struggle to cope with the change. Likely because many internal staff have not been monitoring the likely changes in caffeine or having been doing sketchy things and now been caught out….

    If you are ranking well in the new version, it does not mean that you are safe as if your competitors were ranking well in the current version but drop in caffeine they will actually have to do some work now…

    Rumors would be that Google Local has to be next…

  • Forbrukslaan

    Do anyone know which datacenter they have put it on? Preferably an IP adress so I can do some checking?

    • John S. Britsios (Webnauts)

      Have a look here

  • Dave

    Matt Cutts blog is saying only one of the many Google data centers will be live until 2010. A little more time for people before “live” becomes widespread.

  • Greg Martin

    Can’t wait to see what the new google index has in store for us. Enjoying seeing the real-time search rumors, pre-holiday launch updates and seo concerns be voiced via

  • Charles

    To be honest I am glad to see this even though it might have some growing pains. There is too much junk in Google’s search now, anything to help shave off the this junk is welcome in my book.

  • Lou

    Can wait to see new results go live. Looks like Google cleaned up the SERPs and removed some low quality sites.

  • Rick Vidallon

    It can be said that, ‘if you have nothing to say, then no one will listen’.
    Not true with link backs though. I would like to believe that the engineers at Google and the other search engines giants are not devoid of gray-matter. I am hoping to see more sooner than later all the thousands of hours spent on creating useless link pages will go the way of the keyword meta-tag.

  • Birgit

    So, will google release what is important to google caffeine or are we up to google’s mercy? We are a newer website and the ups and downs in the last months driving me bananas…

  • John S. Britsios (aka Webnauts)

    I believe the new google search algo will be very interesting and further more challenging.

    Looking forward!

  • Rick

    @Forbrukslaan according to Matt Cutts Google will “probably mention the IP address for people who want to check out Caffeine” as soon as the Caffeine datacenter is live.

  • fashion jewellery

    Likely because many internal staff have not been monitoring the likely changes in caffeine that why it need to be monitored with great extensions.

  • jennifer

    My site is based outside the US, will it affect my site ranking?

  • jennifer

    No, no. I mean my site is in the US but my business is outside the US. Will it affect my site’s ranking?

  • business

    very nice feature and hope to see some better result.

  • Ken Savage

    Who’s nervous?

  • Adam J. Humphreys

    I’m hoping they get rid of a lot of the generated directory sites out there, and de-index the domain squater landing pages so all the premium domains are being all used up for useless sites. Right now guys are still crushing it with social media duplicate content, and generated pages with only the city keywords changing to rank for various cities.

  • Web Templates

    Does anyone know of an URL to test Caffeine’s results now?

    • John S. Britsios (aka Webnauts)

      @ Web Templates if you read the post you would not have asked such a dumb question. Did you probably want to spam us here?

  • Stuart Morris

    Well i guess those that are happy have poor rankings right now, but just making it through the Vince update, I am not all that excited about something new with Google. Managing a large site though, more indexed pages, faster results, we’ll get by. Should make the field super competitive for everyone..

    • John S. Britsios (Webnauts)

      I do not believe that more pages will be indexed if you have too less PageRank to support those.

  • Stefanos

    it seems that it is going to be faster and more accurate. I am curious to see my web site’s rankings.

  • Design4Effect

    Nothing beats original authoritative copy with references for SEO and I don’t think Google will change that.

    I think maybe that Chrome and the Google toolbar are part of the big picture, it’s more than just a simple algo change. It makes me nervous when Google watches every word I type in.

    This means that Google can determine your interests and the quality of their targeted advertising should increase significantly. They don’t show you ads based on search keywords they show you ads based on whet they know you are interested in.

    It’s already been reported that Google is saving search queries and planning to make your search queries available on-line… through a browser interface they can save your search queries on all search engines, your click history, who knows what else?

    I think Google wants to sell advertising and they are more interested in that than providing you with high enough quality listings that you will not even bother with the PPC ads.

    I’m not worried about SEO… if you want to find my site just search on my targeted keywords and go to the very last listing on the last page of Google results… and there you will find me… I’m just working from the wrong end.

    – Kent

  • Kelly

    Change does create opportunities.

  • John S. Britsios (Webnauts)

    Caffein is going live? I already see that it is living!

  • Amit Doda

    Matt Cutts confirmed that Caffeine is live on IP address. As of now, I am getting almost same search results for my client web sites. Gud luck to Google Team for launching next generation algorithm.

    • Tom Bond

      Looks to me that Caffeine on is the “single site” trial that is to last through the new year holiday. As far as I can see after a couple dozen comparisons between normal data centers and the new Caffeine site, the new site is often showing about 40% of the results as traditional data centers are, for the same terms, of course. On some less popular (and of course less spammed) terms, Caffeine only removes about 5% to 10% of the useless SERPs. That’s logical, since there are doubtlessly far fewer idiots out there spamming us with useless pages that have been filling up the bottom half of the ratings (usually). Way to go, Google!

      My own sites’ rankings for main keywords seem unaffected, generally speaking. Of course, I don’t create spammy pages. I suspect that the complaints we will be hearing from some web marketeers is that their old tricks aren’t working anymore!

  • SEO Pakistan, Dubai, UK

    I like this GOOGLE CAFFEINE search results.. i had also tested the developer corner, and i am quite satisfied with Google taking this initiative right after the end of holiday season.

  • John S. Britsios (Webnauts)

    @Ton Bond, caffein on this IP is active about 50% of the time. How can you tell when it is active and when not?

    • Richard Gilmore

      Check the results agains the regular Google. The different SERPs are caffeine.


  • Colin Hall

    Things are all a quiver over WMW, they think Caffeine will go live this weekend. Personally I think the sooner the better, we need a shake up 😉

  • kee

    matt said that Caffeine would be rolling out after the holidays, but now… may be it comes in 2012

  • kee

    matt said that Caffeine would be rolling out after the holidays, but now… may be it comes in 2012