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Google Caffeine Going Live!

Google’s again in the news today as they closed the developers’ preview of their new search architechture known as Caffeine. First announced back in August Caffeine caused quite a stir in the marketing community. Given that Google putting a new logo is enough of a newsworthy event for a large part of the search marketing world the new search algorithm was close to a sensation.

For those of us who might have been too busy doing SEO and somehow missed the news Caffeine is a next-generation search architecture for Google that’s supposed to be faster and more accurate, providing better, more relevant results and crawling larger parts of the web. Of course the biggest question for most of us is not how fast the new Google is but how high our websites will rank in the new index. Until now we were able to check our sites positions in Caffeine at but now it says:

Thank you!

We appreciate all the feedback from people who searched on our Caffeine sandbox.

Based on the success we’ve seen, we believe Caffeine is ready for a larger audience. Soon we will activate Caffeine more widely, beginning with one data center. This sandbox is no longer necessary and has been retired, but we appreciate the testing and positive input that webmasters and publishers have given.

So it’s official. Google Caffeine is going live and taking all the changes with it. If you’ve been monitoring your sites rankings in Google Caffeine you may expect your site to appear at same position in Google. Anyway don’t be surprised to see your sites rankings dance around a while – that’s Caffeine coming.

I’ve been following the rankings of a few sites in Caffeine vs Google with Rank Tracker. There were significant differences so I guess I’ll be able to tell that Caffeine is live when the actual Google rankings come close or coincide with the last checked Caffeine positions. Sure I’ll keep you posted.

Good luck and may your sites rank high in the new Google.

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Google Caffeine Going Live!

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