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The wizards of smart at Facebook are testing an new layout for Timeline. This version features a single column for posts, instead of the two columns. The user timeline would still be divided into two columns, but all of your status updates, photos, and other items posted to your timeline would be featured in a wide column on the left. Modules like “photos,” “friends,” “likes,” and any open-graph apps like Spotify and Instagram would appear in a narrower column on the right.

According to Brittany Darwell for Inside Facebook:

“This layout addresses one of the common complaints about the new profile: Users previously had to look back and forth on the page as they scrolled through to read their stream. Some users found the two-column layout frustrating. With this design, the line down the center has been removed, making the profile look less like a timeline. However, the timeline of dates still exists in the top right of the page to jump to a particular month or year.”

This layout does pose an obvious waste of space on the page as you scroll back in time beyond all of the modules in the right hand column. This is just speculation on my part, but I doubt that, should this new version of timeline be adopted, Facebook will leave that space empty for long.

Keep in mind that users can already pay to promote their personal posts to their friends’ news feeds. I would not be surprised at all to discover an option to promote messages directly to friends’ timelines to fill the void. I would also expect to see more of the sponsored page activity to start showing up in the open space in the one column version of timeline. So, when your friend comments or likes a post on a page about that thing that you both like so much, don’t be surprised to see it show up on your timeline.

How do you feel about this?  Will you welcome a fix to the layout of timeline in exchange for the possibility of being served even more paid post activity? Leave your thoughts and rants below.

Screen Shots Courtesy Inside Facebook.


Michelle Stinson Ross

Michelle Stinson Ross

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Michelle Stinson Ross
Michelle Stinson Ross
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  • Neil Lennon

    Facebook is playing a interesting game between constant change and improvement. I’m one of the people who do not like the timeline change. I understand that they constantly have to find ways to improve their service and user experience so they don’t end up with the fate as their predecessors. However it would be interesting to see from their user base if this new layout (timeline) is preferable than the old layout.

  • Maciej Fita

    I really like the idea of doing 1 column. I find the 2 column sort of cluttered and confusing. This way it will funnel into one location and keep users eyes in more of a specific area that could work well for an ad platform (wink).

  • Taldi

    What I dont really like are the changes that happens to advertising on facebook. The organic messages are not that important anymore, you can only get a lot of traffic if you pay for it. But you need to have a large fanbase so it is worth expanding it ! I normally use deals found on websites like http://www.adsurf.net or appsumo to get the most from social media marketing. And it works!:)

  • Tessa

    Sometimes change is good, sometimes bad. Only time will tell! Then they will change it again anyway! ha! As long as Facebook remains FREE I am happy and willing to go with the flow!!! Btw, Thanks for the headsup article! It’s always nice to know what’s coming down the pike. Surprises are NOT always fun!

  • Patricia Cosby

    I do not like the column format that seemed to automatically change. I am not tech wise and want to know how the get old format. PLUS all the post seem to be enlarged so only half the post show unless you click on it. PLEASE explain clearly how to fix this. Thanks

  • Erik

    I certainly do welcome the single column layout. Better still would be to do away with the right hand column altogether and spread the main column all the way across. Of course, best of all would be to scrap the timeline and go back to the original facebook design.

  • Robin Wilk

    Facebook is always changing the look of the website. The problem is, they try to make it better while users just want the option to make it look the way THEY want. The power is in options. Fortunately I found a couple of apps for Chrome that allow me to modify a couple of things making Facebook a little more tolerable. My favorite is found at http://fabulousapp.me