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Direct URL Visit Brings More Site Earnings

Direct URL Visit Brings More Site Earnings

This is could be yet again another blow on the effectiveness of SEO and PPC as a study conducted by Engine Ready, an Internet Marketing Ready that neither of the two brings more revenues on Internet marketing site.

As cited by the New York Times, Engine Ready analyzed 18.7 million visits in a span of two years on web sites run by 27 of the company’s 500 clients. The study compared how customers react to paid listings and organic search results. Paid listings have 17% more successful transactions on the site than those who arrive on the site through organic search results. Also, these site visitors spent about 18% more on each order.But the most effective site visit was brought by neither of two. Instead, the study found that those who visit Internet marketing site through direct traffic coming from users typing the URL of the site on their browser. Users who came from bookmarks also produce better revenue for the site.

Likewise, those visitors will most often than not return to site in the future and even spend the longest time, the most money, and the most likely to become buyers. These users’ visits are valued at $5.69 apiece.

Whether you believe that validity of the study and the company who did the study, or not I guess it is but natural that those who enter the URL of the site on their browser to visit the site have the highest revenue. It simply means that the users knows about the site and trust the site enough to not even bother searching for it online. But still, it is hard to ascertain whether SEO or PPC is really not giving adequate returns to site owners.


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