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Cognition Search: Formula for “Meaning” in Search

Cognition Search: Formula for “Meaning” in Search

Backed by the experience of leading linguistic experts and technology that takes into consideration, ontology, morphology and synonymy, CognitionSearch, the semantic engine from Cognition technologies touts to have the perfect recipe to nail “meaning” in search.

Launching in the vertical domains of legal services, medical and health sciences, Cognition search intends to gain traction and finances to hopefully launch as a full-fledged engine in the future.

What runs CognitionSearch?

Briefly, the technology powering Cognition Search consists of linguistic algorithms for generating semantic representations that fuel computational parsing of documents.

The classifications dealt by the algorithms are based on:

  • Ontology – To decipher the senses of a word e.g. officer means executives and board members.
  • Morphology – To disambiguate the different forms of a word e.g. available and availability.
  • Synonymy – To relate words to concepts e.g. “to gulp down” means to drink.

The Advanced Search mode for CognitionSearch offers five basic search approaches: plain English search, linguistic Boolean search, quoted (or phrase) search, pattern search, and fuzzy search

Read a detailed review by Barbara Quint here

And the database used by the engine contains:

  • 506,000 word stems.
  • 536,000 concepts.
  • 17,000 ambiguous words.
  • 191,000 phrases.
  • 4000,000 and more semantic phrases.


The central idea is to make the query independent of its occurrence in the same format in the source material. And the CognitionSearch team also claims that the system can address the scalability issue comfortably. Like similar engines in this space, targeting a niche domain seems the best strategy since there is no clear leader in Vertical search domains yet.

Clearly in all the semantic engines covered so far, Cognition does stand as a hefty contender. However, whether it packs enough punch to challenge the likes of Google is a tough question. Also, Google, with its own Enterprise tailored search solution is giving the vertical niche start-ups a run for their money. It will be interesting to watch the forays of Cognition Search in future. Also, here’s a review of the Cognition Search by our own Arnold Zafra.

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Cognition Search: Formula for “Meaning” in Search

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