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CareerJet : Comprehensive Job Search Engine

CareerJet : Comprehensive Job Search Engine

Careerjet, a job search engine celebrating its 8th birthday has many great accomplishments to its credit. First, the engine supports 56 country specific sites in over 20 languages. Second, it has launched public APIs and innovative affiliate programs for both online and offline partners.

career jet

The crawlers of the engine use semantic analysis to index job related information from over 58,000 sites on a daily basis. The technology allows them to scale to the ever increasing amount of job related data on the web unhindered by the size, structure or language used.

Web publishers can partner with Careerjet by embedding widgets on their site and receiving a commission for every link that is clicked. There are many customizations that can be applied to the widgets from how they look to what kind of jobs you want featured. Off-line partners have to work with client websites and will receive a share of the payment that clients make.

An excerpt from Careerjet

We are currently looking for web partners to join our Careerjet publisher program. You add our content to your website, and then you earn money everytime these links direct traffic to our job listings. We are also looking for freelance sales agents to market our search engine to career websites and then, working on a 30 percent commission basis, sell the high amount of web traffic we provide.

The search engine provides many options to filter results ( such as full-time / part-time, salary). The support for various languages and country specific sites makes for more better search. Semantic analysis does seem to be very effective in niche search areas.

Do give Careerjet a try and share your opinion on the engine here.

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CareerJet : Comprehensive Job Search Engine

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