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Bing Introduces Phone Comparisons and Product Insights in Search Results

Bing has introduced a series of new features designed to assist users with shopping searches.

Some of the new features are being rolled out specifically for Black Friday, but others will be useful to searchers year-round.

Here is an overview of everything that was announced today.

Phone Comparisons

Bing will now return comparisons of smartphone models directly in search results.

Phone comparisons can be triggered by a query such as “iPhone x vs Samsung galaxy s9.”

Bing will display a result like the one below:

Comparisons include information from authoritative sources such as ratings, expert reviews, and product highlights.

Product Insights

Similar to the new phone comparisons feature, Bing will display details of other types of products right on the search results page.

For example, a query such as “best laptops” will trigger a result like the one below:

Insights include links to articles where the product is mentioned, as well as key features, ratings, and reviews.

Black Friday Features

Just in time for Black Friday, Bing is rolling out new features to help people shop for the best deals.

Bing is offering its own browsable Black Friday infographics available on desktop and mobile.

Users can search for a specific store and Bing will automatically extract deals from the flyer image.

Back Friday details can be accessed from the regular Bing shopping tab. Just navigate to “Black Friday” and search for the name of a store or item.

The flyers tab will update in real-time as new deals are published.

Bing will have this section available after Black Friday and keep it updated with the latest deals throughout the holiday season.

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Bing Introduces Phone Comparisons and Product Insights in Search Results

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