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6 Ways to Build Links with Your Graphic Design Skills

Are you good at photography, “photoshoping” or graphic design? Then why don’t you use these skills to build backlinks? Even if you are an amateur graphic designer, you still can promote your unique artwork and build solid completely white-hat (as very well deserved) inlinks:

Build inlinks with your artwork

1. Create an artwork desktop wallpaper and submit it to wallpaper directories. Here are a few search queries to find these directories:

  • [submit wallpaper];
  • [desktop wallpaper inurl:submit];
  • [desktop wallpaper inurl:submit inurl:wallpaper];
  • [wallpaper inurl:add inurl:wallpaper];
  • [apple iphone wallpapers inurl:submit];
  • [iphone wallpapers inurl:submit intitle:wallpaper OR intitle:wallpapers].

Make sure the directory offers a linkback to the author’s site before submitting your wallpaper. Besides, comply with the site requirements to make sure your wallpaper will be accepted. You can find the list I once compiled here:

2. Add your website to CSS directories and design galleries:

  • [design gallery +submit];
  • [css gallery +submit];
  • [css directory +submit];
  • [design gallery inurl:submit], etc

Or try this list containing 101 CSS galleries that accept website submissions.

3. Market yourself at Flickr by promoting your photography at relevant communities. Here is a guide by the best Flickr marketer I am aware of – Matt McGee.

4. Take part in web design and graphic design competitions. Choose date range advanced Google search and these queries to get updated of the current competitions: [web design competition], [graphic design competition], etc. This website, for example, constantly posts recent updates on graphic competitions you might want to participate in.

5. Submit your site for participation in web design awards:

  • [web design awards +submit];
  • [web design awards inurl:submit];
  • [graphic design awards inurl:submit];
  • [graphic design awards +submit], etc.

6. Explore the backlinks of any prominent graphic designer’s website and get plenty of new ideas of how to promote your own artwork.

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6 Ways to Build Links with Your Graphic Design Skills

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