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5 Useful Google Authorship Cheatsheets and Infographics

I’ve doing a lot of digging into Google Authorship for some time now. It’s amazing to watch Google experiment with it!

But how does it all work? There are a lot of people who have found themselves confused by Google Authorship and how to use it properly. There are few very helpful cheatsheets to help them out!

1. Understanding Google’s Author Rank

Understanding Google's Author Rank

Based on Google’s Agent Rank patent, we believe that if you begin using Google Authorship, you will end up being given an Author Rank one day. This will effect the visibility of your content, and have an impact on your overall search engine ranking through the Internet giant.

But what will affect and constitute author rank? This is a great visual breakdown of what can influence author rank after it is implemented. Can you name any more?

2. The Irresistible Rise of Google+

The Irresistible Rise of Google+

When Google was first implemented, many people were skeptical including me. It turned out to be a promising and very productive network.

Google Plus is a major element in how Google Authorship works. Having an understanding of the importance of this social media tool is crucial in exploiting it. This infographic tells the story of how Google Plus rose to infamy, and how it can be used by the savvy blogger to both protect and promote their work. It also explains ‘people rank’ and what it means to your published posts.

3. Google Author Tag Flowchart

Google Author Tag Flowchart

Want to know how to tag your work with your author name? This explains it all, with a handy flowchart that takes you through each step and shows you where you might be going wrong. It starts from the very beginning (getting a Google Plus account) and ends with having your photo show up in search and then testing and support. This is very useful to have on hand. There’s also a great WordPress tutorial on verifying your authorship via WP Beginner. I also did a quick presentation to show the process step by step.

4. The What, Why and How of Rel=Author

The What, Why and How of Rel=Author

All posts protected under Google Authorship is subject to a bit of code that hides in the post itself and connects it to your Google Plus account. This infographic talks about how it works in depth, and why it is important.

5. Authorship With Google: 3 Easy Steps

Authorship With Google: 3 Easy Steps

Want to make Google Authorship as easy to understand and use as possible? Then check out this super simple infographic that breaks it down into just three steps. Anyone can follow this guide, and come out with a good understanding of how the Authorship program protects their work.

Do you know of any good cheatsheets or infographics about Google Authorship? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Useful Google Authorship Cheatsheets and Infographics

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