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Recent Updates, Plus a Few Cool Things on The Way

Recent Updates, Plus a Few Cool Things on The Way

For those of you who haven’t yet visited, it’s essentially an SEO and Internet marketing professionals’ social voting community.

Yours truly along with Chris Burns launched this past September to fill what we perceived to be a need for an SEO voting style community on the web. So far, we are extremely pleased with how far our community has come in such a short period of time.

We’re always listening to the community to find new ways to make the site even better. And we have implemented some very cool updates that we believe will further enhance the user experience.

Recent Updates Include:

  1. Smart loading images –Images only load as you view the page. This increases page load times.
  2. Comment voting—Comments can be voted up or down. Enough down votes will allow the community to bury bad neighbor comments as well as praise good ones.
    Recent Updates, Plus a Few Cool Things on The Way
  3. Latest comments in the sidebar—Allows people can participate in the discussions easier and keep up with what people are talking about.
    Recent Updates, Plus a Few Cool Things on The Way
  4. Personal Journals—Through the account management screen, users all now have personal journals or mini blogs. They can write anything they like and their friends can comment on their journal/blog entries. Comments in these blogs can also be voted up or down.
  5. Every user has feeds—Makes it easier for your friends to track what you submit or talk about on SERPd. For instance, here is my feed for my posts: or you could subscribe to my activity feed to see what I comment on.
  6. Choose who you track—We had users request to allow individuals to track only activity from their friends… and now you have it SERPd peeps!
  7. Newsletter—We have added a newsletter that people can sign up for in order to stay in the loop and keep up to date with important updates and news.

Some cool things to come:

Weekly webcast show—In January, will be launching our weekly webcast show “I SERPd it on the web”. The subject matter of the show will be content from our weekly roundup . This will enable us to bring the community discussion from some of the best submissions of the week to a much deeper level and will also be an opportunity for many users to get some nice exposure!

SERPd voting button plugins—We will be developing a standalone SERPd voting button WordPress plugin as well as having our button added to a couple existing social button plugins. In the meantime If you’d like to support the community we do have voting widgets and banners that you can manually add to your websites or blogs.

We are just scraping the tip of the iceberg here. We will continue to make updates and improvements on an ongoing basis.

We welcome your feedback in the comments. Let us know if you have any suggestions or thoughts.

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Recent Updates, Plus a Few Cool Things on The Way

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