Join the Experiment: Do Comment Links Still Hold Any Value?

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Ewan Chapman
Ewan Chapman
Join the Experiment: Do Comment Links Still Hold Any Value?

Well, hi to all and thank you Ann from granting me this opportunity to post on Search Engine Journal. I am relatively new to the SEO world (3 years) and even newer still to the profession of link building (2.5 years), and yet isn’t it amazing, even as an old man (40 years next month), one can learn quite a bit in a short space of time thanks to the internet.

Much to the annoyance of my partner I can often find myself spending 16 and more hours a day in front of my computer. Why is this? Well, to be honest I have never been so interested in finding out what others know and I don’t know regarding my profession. It is refreshing to know that there are so many others in the link building profession that are prepared to share some of their own creative ideas. Just take a look at this link if you don’t believe me. It is with this free exchange of ideas and sharing of creativity which has prompted me too to give something back to all those which I have learned so much from.

Let’s face link builders get a pretty hard time and this is mainly thanks to the many ‘cowboys’ and girls out there that have no consideration for their clients or their own reputation. I likened it the other day to that of the building profession back in the UK in the 1980’s, if they were wearing their hammer in their holster and a wide grin on their face then they were probable best avoided. This leads me, nicely into the arena of blog commenting links which, many would say is a ‘cowboy’ approach to link building these days.

Blog commenting links have had a somewhat ‘bad press’ these days, at least in most quality SEO blogs and forums. Now given that most of what I read on these well informed blogs and forums can be supported with good quality evidence, I find that this topic has very little. Now, if I am wrong and you can direct me to some evidence which does show that blog commenting links are of no value please leave a comment. Most of the SEO gurus would agree that blog commenting links can be beneficial in driving new traffic to your website, if that is that you are commenting on a blog that is on the same topic as the link you leave behind… Take note here I am not endorsing spam links which I believe have no value except drawing attention to the fact that you are somewhat dumb!

However, I am interested to see if blog commenting links will improve SERP’s for a website not just to see if they drive new traffic to a website. With my limited experience I have found that building good, related, blog commenting links have helped to increase my clients SERP’s, but the truth is that I have never built just blog commenting links and further still have not tested the result of this against not building any links to other websites and building different links to others still. It is for this reason that I have decided to carry out an experiment/test to see if in fact blog commenting links are worth the effort, at least for SERP’s that is.

There are various variables which need to be considered when testing whether blog comment links help with SERP’s or not, to eliminate as many of these as I can I shall conduct different forms of link building to 4 different groups of websites see diagram below. All websites currently have no links pointing to them. Before building any links I shall record positions on all 3 major search engines for 2 key terms to see how they perform over a 2 month period.

By testing 4 separate groups we should be able to identify whether or not blog comment links on their own help to improve SERP’s or in combination with other links help to improve SERP’s.

Group 1

Build no links

Group 2

Build only blog comment links

Group 3

Build other links

Group 4

Build both blog comment and other links

Tips on how this experiment could benefit you.

  1. By following this experiment you will be able to ascertain whether or not blog comment links are of any value with SERP’s.
  2. This can help you to decide if blog comment links should be included in and all round link building campaign. (If group 4 outperform group 3 in SERP’s this will clearly show that blog comment links are of value with SERP’s)
  3. This is real evidence that can be shown to win new clients for your business.
  4. If you have any interest in SEO then you surely want to know for sure if blog commenting links are of value or not!

So if you are at all interested in the topic of blog commenting links and whether they are or not helpful in increasing SERP’s for you or your clients websites please take a look at the official experiment page: Blog Comment Links, Have They Lost Their Value?. Now this experiment will not be perfect but I hope it will at least give some clear empirical evidence one way or the other as to whether blog commenting links are of value for SERP’s.

Ewan Chapman

Ewan Chapman

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