The Growth of Social Media v2.0 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In August 2011, Search Engine Journal published an infographic on the Growth of Social Media.

Today, over 2 years later, we’ve created an updated version. Social media has transitioned into an obsession and almost a way of life for online culture, changing the way we communicate with our colleagues, loved ones, and our favorite brands.

As social media continues to grow in almost every market, the idea that social media is “just a fad” is no longer worth consideration as more and more demographics move toward utilizing social media on an every day basis.

The Growth of Social Media

Kelsey Jones
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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones
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  • Rick Noel

    Nice Infographic Kelsey, with a great list of cited sources. Very interesting data. The only question is What but what about LinkedIn?:) There is even a LinkedIn share button at the top of this post. LinkedIn is the granddaddy (or mother depending on your POV) of all social networks and existed before any of the ones in the Infographic. They have 259+M users and for professional connections, one of the most powerful social networks around. I would also venture to guess that by its very nature, LinkedIn has BY FAR the lowest number of bogus accounts. Maybe for the next iteration – Have a nice weekend.

  • James H.

    Very nice infographic! It looks like Twitter’s growth is doing better than Google+ and Facebook combined. I don’t understand why everyone’s making such a mockery of them and their IPO. I think Twitter’s got something up its sleeve that they’re not telling.

  • Alinn

    Great infographic, very interesting to see that Google+ is in second! I agree with Rick and would love to see how LinkedIn plays into this, especially from a B2B standpoint.

  • Ingrid

    Social media has arrived in a very big manner. It will be one of the most important aspects in coming days. Kelsey you have put the information very nicely via the infographic. Twitter is leading all the way and yes they must be planning something big to keep up their game.

  • amit kumar singh

    The above infography is based on old stats, As of now Facebook has 1.189 Billion MAU (Monthly Active User) as mention by Facebook in Q3 2013 report. Twitter has 232 Million monthly active user as of Q3 2013 is concerned. As of G+ button stats are concerned that is an year old stats i have the link of all the above mention information.

  • George

    Nice infographic, Google+ and twitter is nice to go with.

  • syed muzammil

    there is a great growth in social media users since 2005. the fact that there are 1.15 Billion facebook active users really surprized me. this clarifies that the future of online marketing is social media.
    thumbs up for kelsey. great infographicc.

  • Matthew Barby

    Interesting stats about the Google +1 button – didn’t realise that it was used over 5 million times each day!

  • Greg

    Excellent infographic. Anyone who had doubts can clearly see social media is relevant and seems to be here to stay. People definitely depend on it to stay connected professionally and personally.

  • Sofie Westlake

    Does anyone know what happened mid-way through 2012 when Google+ saw rapid increase in users? This cannot be down to people setting up G+ accounts alone, and it looks like it might have been unnaturally inflated by the combination of Youtube accounts with Google + accounts?
    What I’d really like to see, is how many people are actively using G+ and find a genuine need for its use. Many have just set up their G+ account out of fear of what might otherwise happen to their SEO, rumors about Authorship Ranking etc. This ‘push’ from Google can’t be sustainable in the future unless people see real value in it.

    • Brent Csutoras

      If you Google ‘G+ active users” there are a couple studies placing it at the second most active social community.

  • Don Harrison

    I would be interested in learning what those 47% are influenced to buy via Facebook. Are there sources of info that break down particular products/services or brands.

  • Ralph

    Great infographic about Social Media.

    Interesting stats about the development about the ages and the fact about “of users a mobile device to access Social Media”.

  • Aamir Siddiqui

    This is a tremendous growth of Social media over a very short span of time and we can see a huge response of people engaging in social networking websites and some have utilized it as a great marketing and advertising tool too. Good share!