SEOMoz Changed Their Name Today

Fellow SEOs around the world have been following SEOMoz for a while and today they made a big move. What did they do? They changed their name from SEOMoz to Moz.

Why did they change their name?

  1. they are not just an SEO company
  2. wanted to get away from the unseemingly acronym, SEO
  3. people didn’t know how to pronounce SEO
  4. wanted to focus on software rather than consulting
  5. prepare for the launch for Moz Analytics (which is currently in beta)

They’ve already taken the time to update their twitter handle, facebook page, and rss feed. Below you’ll find a video that shares the vision of Moz and the direction it will take from here on out:

While I would hesitate to make such a move when there’s so much brand equity and recognition within the industry, I believe it was a smart move.  What are your thoughts on the name change? Let me know below :)

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan

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Adam Morgan

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19 thoughts on “SEOMoz Changed Their Name Today

  1. This one flew under my radar. I logged in to my account this morning, and found that I was instantly directed to instead of the old domain. Thanks for this one.

    1. They wanted to concentrate more on other Inbound marketing methods as well. Hence removed SEO from their brand name, in that sense it was a great move but with that much Link equity and quality links I wouldn’t have taken that higher risk. Anyways 301s or permanent redirections of all URLs on domain to will definitely help them to greater extent in retaining or passing on the link equity and the site’s domain authority to the new site.

  2. After years of being 1 brand known wordwide, they make a huge change. I think it’s a good move but to much work in doing this. I wonder what it was like in those brainstorm meetings about things to change online and offline… legal stufff…etc

  3. It is really a huge changing. They are a big and famous company in the world and if you are going to change the name its really a big move but i think it is not too much for them coz everyone will know about it and they will get more benefit.

  4. They’ve lost their origin. While it’s good they’ve taken a turn for what they think is better, the SEO industry might have just lost an even greater amount of credibility now that the term SEOmoz is no more.

  5. Well, Yes they are not only creating SEO softwares they are working on overall online marketing softwares. SO this move is ok but i think its not that much required for SEOmoz…

  6. I kinda agree because they wouldnt have changed their name to MOZ if they were only interested in SEO. I expect some awesome stuff ( Moz Analytics ) from them to follow soon after this news.

  7. I am just Shocked when i try to open Seomoz it redirects to moz, They are Seo Giants and they know how to do it , I think this is better move.

  8. Smart move. This gives Moz the opportunity to increase and ‘expand’ brand awareness because they can market themselves as ‘more than simply SEO’… Looking forward to Moz Analytics.

  9. Probably the right move but it does make them vulnerable for a while ie they’re confessing their core skill is not so important these days… and that gives the agencies that haven’t been as SEOcentric an advantage, for a time.

  10. Very nice move and i think that they did it for business purpose but i want to ask you some question does seo moz affects ranking by alexa and other search engine, because search engine crawled earlier seomoz pages now it has been moz pages.

  11. I think it’s risky move, still lots of guys will remember the site by it’s old name as you know old is gold and it will take some times for all to completely forgot SEO with the moz. As site name reflects about the contents within site.

  12. Not sure this is the best choice for a brand name. I understand the reasoning with the marketing landscape changing, but ‘SEO’ is still top, front and center in people’s minds. Moz just lost that as a channel of finding them and understanding the brand at first contact.

    The name SEOMoz gave a hint what the company was about. MOZ in itself seems meaningless and thus is probably a weak branding choice.

    Of course there are many successful brands with fantasy names not obviously hinting at their biz category (Yahoo, Google, Zappos,…), but MOZ doesn’t look or sound like a winner to me. (Just looking at the word MOZ now, not the company or their service, which is great!)

    By the way, I have more trouble knowing how to pronounce MOZ than SEO. Is it moz like a word, or m-o-z like s-e-o? Plus, when spoken like a word, one might not know how to write it when only hearing the brand name.